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Battery (2)

The battery represents roughly half of the price you paid for your NIU. So it should be maintenanced at least as well as the scooter itself.

[UPDATE: In 2018 NIU themselves published this page pretty much covering this FAQ entries content.]

Daily Use

  • Optimal charging temperature: 10 to 35°C
  • Using-temperature should not exceed -10 to 45°C
  • Do not unnecessarily keep on charging the battery when it is fully charged (Green LED lit on charger)
  • Do not completely drain the battery – try to charge at 10% at the very least.

(long term) Storing

  • Optimal storage temperature: 0 to 20°C
  • Recommended charge of 40-75%
  • Check charge-level every 2 months (e.g. put it into your NIU to get a proper readout)
  • Charge it to 100% when planning to use it again


To make sure you’re not “overloading” your battery you could use this engery-saving mains socket from Ansman (or something similar):

This automatically cuts of power when it falls below a certain (programmable) threshold, e.g. below 50 watts.

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  • Hi, I had my batteries out of the scooter and charged them to 100%. The bike was stolen before I put them back in. A few months have passed and I plugged the batteries into the charger today and all of the lights on the charger are flashing red. The meter on the batteries shows 100%. Any ideas what’s going on or if there’s a fix?

  • Hi again community,
    Are there any parts, other than the ECU and the main battery that are sensitive to low temperatures?
    How much is a new ECU roughly/ can the unit be refurbished?

  • Hi,
    Regarding the ECU and winther/cold temperature.

    1. Can the ECU battery sustain frost during a cold winther with temperatures below 0 degrees celcius?
    2. Is there a way to turn off the ECU during the winther if the scooter is stored like 3 months?
    I can move the main battery inside, but AFAIK not the ECU.

    • Hey John,
      1) I’d say no, it can’t. It’s a normal battery, not thermally insulated at all. You could try to pack it into some insulation but I’m not sure how far that will improve below 0°C, which IMHO would require active heating.
      2) Nope, again, sorry. You would need to remove it… probably resulting in a constant alarm messaging. It also would need some charging.

      • Hi Axel and thanks for the reply.
        That is just horrible design by NIU. NIU should at least implement a shut off functionality of the ECU.
        If I try to remove the ECU myself I’d guess I void the warranty?

  • I am in the same dilemma as Ryan, if we make good use of the battery and keep it between 20% and 80%, we will do more charge cycles and therefore the life of the battery will be exhausted sooner, than if we do a wrong use of it charging from 10% to 100%, where we will do fewer charging cycles and therefore more life.
    Is this really so?
    Let’s see if any viewer can solve this dilemma

    • 1) The worst thing you can do is deep discharge.
      2) I’d say everything beyond is some sort of a religious view, but there aren’t that many more charging cycles if you refrain to empty your battery below 20% (too often). Also, going over 100% every other charging won’t hurt either… in the end your NIU is a commodity and will wore-off, no matter how much you love it 😉

  • I think the manual/app says that every time you charge “through” the 60% charged point, that counts as “0.1%” off your battery health. That seems true based on what I’ve seen.
    Can someone confirm that?
    If so, this is a very poor system. It punishes good charging practices. Lithium ion doesn’t like going below 20% or (staying) above 8o%. Ideally, you would charge for a couple hours each day and keep it between 50 and 80% if you don’t need the range. But this would be punished by a documented loss in health of “0.1%” every day.
    On the other hand, if you abused it and charged from 0 to 100 all the time, that would minimize documented loss. Even worse, if you charged from 61 to 100 (or 0 to 59) every day, your battery would suffer, but you would have no documented battery degradation.
    If this is true, then there are some poor/lazy software programers out there. Hope I am wrong.

  • NIU N-Sport 2020: did it ever happen to anyone that having the battery charged (more than 50%), after parking it and attempting to restart it after 8 hours, the battery shows 0%? Unplugging and re-plugging it didn’t solve the issue, I had to re-charge it.
    How is that possible?
    Please note that I had the alarm inserted and it was parked on the open street (if you wondered about GSM/GPS connection attempts).

  • Can you simply add a second battery to the N sport using the empty port without other modifications?

      • Hello. I am interested in this topic because I have a request that seems similar to me.
        Adding a second battery to my NIU N1S, under the saddle in order to “double” the autonomy: is it possible?


        I’m thinking of investing in a second battery for my NIU N1S.
        However, will this double the autonomy as on an NIU NGT for example, will the 2 batteries be seen “in parallel”?
        And what type of cable do I need to connect the second battery to the socket under the saddle (in my NIU N1S model, there is a socket under the saddle in order to recharge it without having to remove the battery under the scooter floor) .

        – Example here: https://www.go2roues.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/niu-nqisport-n1s-coffre-deux.jpg

        – Cable to connect the second battery under the saddle (I don’t know if it’s the right type of cable): https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000738660026.html

        Do you think this is possible?

        Thank you for your feedbacks 🙂

  • Hello all,
    I have a NIU NSport and for the „Daily Use“ the User Manual says „To maximize the battery life, please keep the battery percentage within 20% to 80%“. I charge the battery at home (never directly to the scooter) so how can I control the battery level?
    How can I know that I am at 80%? Any tips?
    I could get an ANSMANN plug like mentioned in this post, but this will only turn the charger off when it reaches 100% battery, right? Or I am understanding wrong how this ANSMANN plug works..
    Thank you in advance

    • With the tapo plug you can also plan to charge the scooter battery when electricity is cheaper, eg. start charging at night and turn off later. The tapo P110 also have energy monitoring so you can track the cost of charging.

      • Let’s take that as a blueprint for any smart-home solution. There are numerous smart-plugs out there which can used for this. Just make sure they are able to handle the current. 5 amps are the minimum in my opinion.

        • Hi Axel, the Tapo P110 takes 3700watts (plenty as the NQi Sport maxes out at 300 watt when charging in the scooter) and it can take 16 amps.

    • Hi, you can also use a smart socket, like the TP Link tapo (must be within wifi range) and set a timer in the tapo app for the plug to turn off after a set time. I set mine to around 5 hours depending on what the NIU app estimates.

    • AFAIK the newer batteries have a charging level bar. Does yours?
      No, the Ansmann Plug just cuts the power at a certain level of voltage. It’s originally meant for e.g. cutting you stereo as soon it goes into standby.
      In this post it’s used to prevent continous charging when the battery is already full.
      Whatever, don’t take that too serious, maybe at some point you get the experience that after X hours you’re at about 80%. It’s more important to avoid going below 10%

      • Hi Axel,
        no, neither my battery or my charging cable have a “charging level bar” that’s exactly why I am confused about how to correctly control the charging.
        Would be better to get an Ansmann Plug and charge it to 100% every day BUT preventing the continous charging when the battery is already full OR would be better to get the experience and know after how many hours it is at 80%? I mean of course it would be better to keep it at 80% but is it so bad to charge up to 100%?
        Thank you

  • Hi,
    I have received my niu ngt yesterday. The battery was almost full but the ECU had 11% and today I had the same. Why is not charging the ECU? I can’t update the firmware and it is asking to do it … It needs 60%


      • It haven’t changed during the day. I have disconnected both batteries for more than 2 hours and the ECU reported the same: 11%. May it be caused for niu servers that didn’t work properly? Msybe it doesn’t refresh the data in the cloud. What do you think about?

        • Well, indeed the app not working correctly could be “the last hope”… To be sure your dealer should measure the voltage at the ECU directly.

          • Hi Axel, my dealer have told me that I must do 2 recharges more and wait for the ECU battery fill. They say that they watched that the battery was al 7% at first and before giving me the niu it had 11% of battery.
            Do you think that waiting more days will resolve the issue?

          • Well, let’s summarize: Your scooter generally works, it drives, charges and everything else is OK. So waiting norther 2 or 3 days and keeping an eye on the ECU battery doesn’t cost you anything.
            You have 2 years warranty, so no need to hurry. Give it a try.

  • Hi, due to self isolation, my NGT scooter had not been used for nearly 4 weeks, and is completely flat, plugging the charger in and the red light on the charger is flashing but the scooter won’t tell on. Will the battery ever charge again.

    • Hey Andy,
      Was you battery connected to your scooter? If you store the battery outside the scooter (at room temperature), charged about 80% it normally lasts 1 month before going below 20%.
      I guess your’s been depleted by the ECU while inside the scooter? Let it charge for a while, maybe the battery controller need to re-condition it. If it’s still flat, I’d say it’s something you have to talk about with your dealer 🙁

  • If your ECU battery is at 1%, leave your battery (fully charged) in the scooter overnight. The ECU battery will then charge. Full charge can take 24 hours (my own experience).

    Mine was “stuck” at 1%. I remove my battery every day and it very rarely sits in the scooter when I’m not using it. It seems the ECU battery doesn’t charge when riding the scooter, only when the scooter is parked and the battery is plugged in.

  • My app is also saying that my ECU battery is only 1%. The main battery has been in the bike for three days! It seems a lot of people report this issue. No fix from Niu yet?!?

  • My ecu battery is showing 1% in the app. I use it every day. Just a glitch or am i in trouble…..?

    • I’d say it’s a glitch. You could test it by disconnecting the main battery, enable the alarm system and “simulate” a steal-attempt the next day. If you still get a push message etc I would assume it’s a bug.
      That said, after swapping my ECU for the new (Vodafone) one, my N1 is “offline” since 65days and since they reset my account/data at their side, both of my batteries are at 0% since days… if I would trust the App.

  • My niu battery is losing points, do you know what could be reason for that?

    • Your battery is losing points in proportion to its use. My battery looses 1% per 400km but this may vary depending on your charging and driving habits.

  • You just discovered one of the major flaws on the Niu scooters. The battery is emptied within 3 weeks when not in use, mainly because of the GPS. You can make it go empty slower by disconnecting the battery before you leave. Full drainage is bad for the battery and gives us an empty scooter, the manual says it shouldn’t be below 20%, right?

    => If Niu is reading this: please come up with a smaller adapter in the charger (so I can store it IN the U) and make it usable as a trickle charger (so I can just connect it to the charger until I need to use the scooter).

  • hello
    i have had to leave my Niu NS1 Sport unused for the last 3 weeks. I have taken out my main battery and the level was at about 55 as recommended

    However i can see from the app that my ECU battery is now at 18% – it was 100% when i left it. Will this be a problem?

    many thanks

  • Hi, I’m wondering if it’s okay to leave my scooter outside during work hours when temperatures drop to about 0 °C or 32 °F and less. Before and after work the scooter is parked in a closed garage without heating. Ambient temperature should be not too cold.



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    A: Theoretically yes. But there’s no alternative outside China that we know of.

    There’s an alternative BMS available in China which enables you to build a battery-pack yourself… if you’re into this complex matter.
    Here’s an idea what to do:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLyewIDgROo]

    That said: If you think about importing one from China, better read this post before!

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  • Hola buena tarde

    tengo varias consultas

    Cómo puedo cambiar el la hora de mi moto niu mlite
    Cómo puedo cambiar la bateria del control localizador


    • Hola Steffany,
      [This is an international NIU owner page – it would be nice to stick with english, so that everybody can understand your question and help]
      So you’re looking for help changing the time showed in the display? I’m sure those having a 2018 model can help out.
      As for the GPS-battery – I think it sits behind the front-shield underneath the handlebar. What’s the reason for changing it? Is yours broken?

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    Control Modules (3)

    Q: Are there different versions of ‘firmwares’ available for my NIU and what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages?

    A: Yes, definitely, there are several known software revisions around – all undocumented.

    Here’s what we know so far (gathered by users all over the world), columns filled with data where available…

    • You’ll get the software revision from the App, it seems it always claims to be “latest version”
    • The “ECUKRS” version name hints towards the official Austrian importer KSR, maybe tweaked by them
    • Official dealers have a tool to update your firmware. If you have severe issues, it’s worth a try. That said, you might loose other nice features as it seems the newer releases are ‘tamed’ a bit.
    Model Updated through Version V-Max emergency operation at comments
    N1s 2017 controller update & OTA ECUKSR1.3 (Nov 17) 47km/h 15% + smoother starting

    – less lively

    N1s 2017 dealer TRA01V08
    N1s 2017 TRA01V04 ~53km/h 20%
    N1s 2017 TRA01V06 ~53km/h 20% – sporadic amperage display failure
     N1s 2017 TRA01V14  ~53km/h
    N1s 2017  TRA01C02  ~49km/h

    If you have a revision to be added, come and join the forum – there’s a special thread for this 😉

    Category: Control Modules
  • Additional comment concerning changes between TRA01C03 and TRA01C10 : The scooter does automatic recubation when the speed exceeds 50km/h downhill (it slows down). I did not see this behavoiur with the TRA01C03.

  • There is a mistake in my first comment: emergency Operation limit for TRA01C03 is 10%. The 77% is the battery level i needed to do the upgrade to the TRA01C10 FW version….

  • I got my N1S 2018 shipped with TRA01C03:
    Vmax = 51km/h (downhill more)
    Emergency Operation at 77%, maybe 70% (67% was not enough and the upgrade did not start!)
    I did the updgrade to TRA01C10 today:
    Vmax = 50km/h
    Emergency operation not yet tested.
    Clock works now. contact to app seems more stable. It is now possible to disable GPS.

  • Well… please… is there any place where I can download that software…?
    I am very interested on that…
    Yes… I know… only official dealers can do that…
    But… I repeat again :)… is there -do you know- any place where I can download the software?…


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    The NIU N1s’ main controller normally called ECU (hidden inside/behind the front panel) has an LED, and if it blinks, that’s a message 😉
    Here are the blink codes:

    • 1 Over-Voltage warning
      Battery voltage is higher than default value
    • 2 Under-Voltage warning
      Battery voltage is lower than default value
    • 3 Over-Current warning
      Instant current is higher than default value or Phase line short circuit
    • 4 Locked-rotor warning
      Duration of Motor in locked-rotor status longer than default value
      Replace FOC controller
    • 5 HALL failure
      Incorrect HALL input(Voltage) detected
      Replace Motor
    • 6 MOSFET failure
      MOSFET power self-check failed
      Replace FOC controller
    • 7 Phase default warning
      one or more of motor phase lines missing
      Replace Motor
    • 9 Brake applied
      Controller in the braking status
    • 10 Self-test failure
      System on the internal electrical self-checking found abnormal
    • 11 Controller over-heat warning
      Temperature is higher than default value
      Stop riding until FOC controller cool down
    • 14 Cable Hall Sensor Failure
      Twist grip/Cable Hall Sensor Malfunction
    • 15 Alarm in active state
      Alarm activated
    • 17 Communication failure
      Communication between ECU and FOC controller failed
      Replace FOC controller
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    Tags: blink, led
  • Hey all I could not create a post so I am commenting on the most related topic. I own a niu pro bqi c3 ebike. The controller has gone bad smelling burnt. Do you know who makes this controller and where can I obtain a replacement one?


    • Hey Christan – I’m not sure how many c3 owners are around here… what about your warranty and/or seeing your dealer? No option?

  • Are the codes different between the models? I sometimes get short failure code 12 on my N-sport and that should be FOC overcurrent warning.

    • Check your App, it offers Error-Code translation now!
      Change to the “Me” page and it will offer “Error Codes” under Services… and yes, 12 means overcurrent.
      Not good! Go see your dealer ASAP – the dashboard I’ve dissected showed clear signs of overcurrent through the CAN bus. I was told that the whole scooter behaved like cursed, i.e. all controllers were affected.

  • i have lingbo controller and it can’t use battery when i connecting battery the led always blinking and doesn’t stop i’m trying change another lingbo controller and still the same anyone know?

    • I haven’t seen the blinking myself, yet. But I assume it’s like with every blink-code: There’s a longer pause at the end of the code before it repeats.

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    For the European market NIU chose the well-known Swiss manufacturer of ready-to-use GPS modules: u-blox.

    A press release  of u-blox reveals that they use the standalone GNSS‑Modul MAX‑7Q, which is using a Multi‑GNSS technology (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS und SBAS), making sure that tracking will work in any part of the world, at any time, independent from a single satellite system.

    Category: Control Modules
  • the u-box with gps is very unliable. It seems there is a lot of interference at the manufactured poaition. (Vertical under front steer) everything in the front, with all the wires causes a lot of interference. Even the gps antenna isnt that good.
    So i ordered one online. And placed it under the buddy seat.. now even insode a building i gave gps signal so happe after all

    • Very nice hack! So did you open the ECU? New cables pulled from the front towards the seat-compartment?
      Pictures would be very interesting (hint, hint 😉 )

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    Errors (1)

    Q: There’s an Error 30 displayed in my NIUs dashboard

    A: Generally, this is a Battery failure code.

    The official manual provides these reasons and how to fix them:

    Battery over-charging Stop charging. Start discharging if
    it is normal.
    Low-temperature battery protection (-20
    Restore the temperature
    The BMS temperature detection circuit is
    Replace the battery

    N1s owners reported several occasions when this happens:

    • Charging the battery externally(!) it only reaches a 90% charge. Putting it back into the NIU triggers Error 30.
    • Unplugging the charger right after the LED changed to green.
    • After driving downhill, especially when the charge is around 90%

    To conclude all these reports, the main reason for Error 30 seems to be the BMS which is built into the battery.
    One owner contacted the German/Austrian importer who responded like this:

    This error report can easily be deleted by simply starting your scooter by the start-button.
    Please mind: If Error 30 occurs, the “P” symbol will not be displayed in the dashboard.

    After driving for about 2 meters the BMS will recognize power consumption from the battery and you can use your scooter as normal.
    When starting your scooter make sure that the side stand is not swung out!

    This procedure did delete the Error 30 in 100% of all cases – maybe an update of the BMS (using the diagnose device) will permanently correct this issue.
    We’re currently working on new BMS boards which also might be  good for retrofitting.

    Generally, Error 30 will be triggered if you drive your NIU downhill for a longer distance and recuperation is ‘overloading’ the battery. One hint in the forums was to use the brakes every now and then and there will be no error displayed.

    Category: Errors
    Tags: battery, error
  • For you amusement…
    Today, after ~1000km I had my first Error 30.
    It was one of the “triggers” decribed above: I charged my battery in my office and saw the LED changing to green – unplugged the charger right away and put the battery back into my N1s about 30mins later.
    Instantly it greeted me with that damn error message. “on/off” and disconnecting the battery did not help.
    But gently pulling the brakes to enable the start button, then pressing start while pushing the NIU about half a meter did the trick.

  • Hello,

    I’ve had the code 30 also. Tried the trick explained by Thomas and the FAQ but didn’t work: the scooter would put itself in max 15km mode and turn off 5 minutes later saying the battery is at 0%.

    I put it back to the dealer who said the charger was defect. They gave me a new one (and I think they might have updated the firmware/software). Now the scooter works like a charm and doesn’t try to charge the battery anymore when over 90%…

    Cheers and thanks for this site!

  • I’ve experienced error 30 today 2 min. from home. Had loaded 100% and went downhill. The NIU stopped half way down the hill.
    Pretty disturbing! I pushed the scooter a few meters and turned the throttle and it did the trick. After trying to switch it off and on again to no avail I nearly gave up.

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    General (5)

    Q: Can I import/bring my NIU from China into Europe?

    A: It shows that there are quite some NIU owners, who like to bring their beloved scooter with them to Europe (or even the US).
    There are two obstacles (besides shipping):

    • Get it registered (You’ll need an CoC)
    • Use the software (i.e. App)

    The CoC is provided by the official importer of your country. You might either ask them, or you’re lucky to find somebody at the NIU mothership who’s willing to help you. Without a CoC, riding your NIU in Europe is illegal.

    Concerning the software MyNIU.org reader Agus shared this valuable info on this (thanks, man!):

    I have an updated info -anyway- for every body here (I have just received this info from NIU; therefore this is official):
    The app for NIU scooters that have been bought in China and then shipped to Europe (privately) by their owners will not work (this does not apply to the ones that have been directly bought in Europe from official importers).
    I mean: for instance, if you are in China and are using a NIU scooter there, DON’T TAKE IT TO EUROPE; SELL YOUR SCOOTER BEFORE LEAVING CHINA; in Europe the app will not work.

    It would be the same, if someone in Europe, wants to sell any scooter to you that was previously bought in China, not in Europe.

    In other words: if the scooter was bought in China, and then shipped to Europe, you will be able to use the scooter for going anywhere (no problem for that), but the scooter’s electronic components (which are made only for China) will not allow you to use the app (you will have to forget -for instance- about the GPS function). The app will not be able to get connected with the scooter.


    The problem is… that the price of NIU Scooter’s in Europe is approximately 3 times more expensive than the original price of these Scooters in China…


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    Yes, technically there is a way… given it is street-legal in your country to have a child riding along with you.

    There’s a special child-seat for motor/electric scooters available: The Stamatakis Maxi seat is especially made for scooters and motorcycles and perfectly fits the N1s saddle.
    4 loops are used to fixate the seat to the saddle: One below the saddle itself, one around the front of the seat-compartment and two can be looped through the handlebars in the back.

    My daughter (aged 6) is just able to reach the foot-rests. Smaller children can use the supplied foot-slings which come with the Stamatakis.

    Category: General
    Tag: childseat
  • Is this seat still available? I am looking at e-scooter options in Nepal, and am also looking for child friendly options. This looks fantastic, and would sway me to the Niu brand, rather than other.

    • While the seat is generally still available at many online-stores I’m not sure if any of those ships to Nepal…

  • I just wanted to say that I appreciate your post! I am actually an American living in China, so I am not part of your site’s target audience, but finding English information is still helpful for me. I am preparing to purchase a Niu scooter and I have been looking at child seat options for my 2.5 year old toddler. Since child seats in general are not widely used in China, the scooter options are very limited, and this is by far the best option I have seen and the best looking. Thank you for sharing!

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    A: Straight away: The App offered for all non-Chinese owners is a piece of crap – and ages old. The app got constant update cycles and is en-par with the Chinese version now. Like every piece of software, it’s not bug free, but I’d say it’s stable.

    Make sure you d/l the latest version – if you’re experiencing problems (registration etc.) the first thing is patience. Sometimes it takes a day until something found its way though the systems. If waiting didn’t help, it’s time to see your dealer.

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  • I have the same problem. ‘No Past Routes available’. Worked seamlessly until recently.

  • [Original in French, translated to English because we’re an international community and hope to help or get help from users all over the wolrd…]
    Hello, For the past few days, I haven’t been able to see “the previous routes” on the smartphone even though it worked well last week. The message says: No previous route available!! I specify that on the display of the NIU NGT the GPS and GSM function works well. Thank you for helping me.

  • hello, I write from Italy. I have the model 2018 … everything is ok, everything works (gps and app) but how do I set a clock? !!!

    • A driver told me its clock updated within the last firmware ota but I never succeded to perform it, on the other hand even if my firmware is still old few days ago I noticed my dash clock miraculously updated itself. The mistery of NIU…

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    When new to the whole eScooter world, this is one of the first questions… and here’s a full post about the companies background.

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    First of all: Since the launch of their different models (~2016), NIU tend to rename their (sub)models every now and then. So depending on the year of delivery the same model might have a slightly different name which can get pretty confusing. Let’s take the model N as an example:

    Starting in China as “N1 civic” it became the “N1” after Honda claimed civic as their brand, which is the same as the “N1s” in Europe (+extra specs for ‘oversea’, ~2017). Then in 2018 it became the “N1 sport” and after the latest renaming in 2019 all models lost its “1” and got a “Qi” so its now called the “NQi Sport”- Phew.

    Because all this seems to be an ever-moving target, I moved this FAQ entry into a fullblown post over here.

    Category: General
  • i drive an ns1 pro. which i like very much for driving around town, but unfortunately
    my main use is to comment between cities that are 45km apart. for that the pro is a little slow, 60km/hr is just too slow, plus after a few months, the top speed decreases i had my pro for almost a year and i can only get up to 54, 57 depending on the weather and road conditions now. i use 2 battery which allow me a range of about 120km at full speed. that 140km range is great if your are disabled but no-one drive at 20km/hr, even a bicycle goes faster than that. the range on one battery is about 70km if you don’t go at full speed. in the winter forget it’s half of that, even though the battery are claimed to not be affected by the cold. beside the way i use my niu, its a great toy for playing around the city in heavy traffic for short distances.
    my question which i hope someone can answer is; when is the niu gtx or project x going to be for sell in china where i live? those are really the model that i need. i was one of the first to test drive the first niu ns1 in china when they came out and recommended to enlarge the compartment to fit a second battery. I’m willing to test drive the gtx and project x, here in hainan where i live.

    • Hi there,
      First off, I officially welcome you as the 1st Chinese reader who stepped into the light posting a comment – we feel honoured to that you found your way here 😉
      That said, because you’re lucky to live in the homeland of NIU and even speak Chinese (vs us helpless Europeans), you’re in a much better position than us to get more information about the GTX’s release… and if you do, we would be happy to hear back form you. Maybe in the forum?

      • Hello, I am also in China, but much more north than thierry pardon. I drive an N1s and get a top speed of 53 km/h , but that is short lived and on average I am in the 45-47 km/h range. The winters here in Beijing are cold, but nothing like my home country of Canada. I commute 20km to and from work (40km round trip) 5 days a week in all weather and seasons. The coldest months I can use up to 50% of my battery one way and in the hottest times no more than 35%. I have an average of 80km range driving agressively. I believe that the Beijing municple government is moving to ban electric scooters in 2020/2021 as there are too many accidents involving scooters. The blame is shared equally with vehicle drivers and scooter drivers. The level of impunity by drivers and high risk (running red lights/weaving in traffic) driving by scooter drivers has contributed to this decision. I doubt it will be enforcable, but if traffic violations/licencing of all vehicle/ENFORCEMENT was introduced, it is likley that the roads here would be safer and that scooters especially electric scooters would find more respect and they dont directly pollute.

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    Maintenance (1)

    If you like to remove the under-seat compartment (aka “Bucket”) to e.g. check the engine-controller or fix a loose internal charger-connector, here’s a video for you:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vHcaqS-rPI]

    Category: Maintenance

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    Motor (1)

    That’s probably the #1 question people ask. Officially, no, there’s no way to make your NIU running faster – the EU model is limited to 45km/h (or even 25km/h) which is the EU law for this kind of vehicles.

    That said, the motor and battery are definitely capable of delivering higher speeds. Some videos from China prove, that this is possible. Have a look at those videos here or here. Obviously driving faster will drain the battery faster, too.
    What they do is using a 2nd, aftermarket motor-controller in parallel to the original one. Here’s the post about this tuning.

    Depending on your NIU model, you might give these eastereggs/hacks a try… more recent 2017 N1s models won’t change their limit with these.

    I think you can imagine yourself that you would void your warranty as well as risking to get into serious trouble with your local police/insurance in case of an accident.

    Category: Motor
  • How about an MQI GT ?
    In NL it is sold as 45km/h and 70km/h versions.
    How is this achieved ? with a second controller I’d have to replace/hack or is it just a software/firmware setting ?

    • Most likely I’ll get my scooter (mqi gt 45km version) a software update this Saturday. The guy said he can take it to 90km/h. Will report back when it’s finished.

      • Hi Duncan,
        I very much doubt this. The Lingo 72182 – which is most likely what your guy will use – is good for ~70km/h (downhill).
        90km/h is what the speedo will show when the scooter is on the main-stand (i.e. no load/friction).
        Even at 70km/h max, what you will experience is a reduced range – which is not a surprise as “nothing is for free”.
        But what I can say is that the darn ERROR 140 will be much rarer or even gone… and might be replaced by others (overcharge, overheat, …).

        • Software update was not possible, even tried an “open” controller but it didn’t work. Apparently there is different wiring/screen. So for now the mqi gt cannot go faster.. I might order the official 70km niu controller.. But I guess its protected from that as well..

  • So I’m living in Shanghai, China – Home of the Niu. here you can go to most Niu dealers and they’ll help you remove any speed limitations on your model by installing a secondary controller ( i say most because one i went to refused to do it, I’m guessing he didn’t want to risk losing his Niu credentials or something?). I’m driving an M+ pro and if i put it up on the stand it reaches around 109 km/h, when it’s actually faced with some friction of on-road driving, plus my weight (around 70kg), it will do around 75-85km/h. But a couple of notes:
    1) It takes longer to get from 50 to 70km/h than it does to get from 0-50 km/h.
    2) Battery health is heavily impacted due to the extra strain.
    3) Probably goes without saying but more speed means less range, much less.
    4) When you reach around 60/70% battery charge, the M+ will only do around 64km/h (i say only but thats still faster then most other scooters go with 100% battery)

  • What about the Niu M+ Lite EU 2019. Does anyone know of any hack to make this model go faster than 25 km/h? Mine is not even doing 25 km/h.. 🙂

  • Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to unlock NIU N-PRO (NGT limited 45km/h)

    • Have you checked Alibaba and the other usual suspects for 2nd controllers? Theoretically it should be the same procedure like the N1s…

      • Thanks for your answer, I will surely check.
        If you have any link or tutorial I appreciate a lot if you can share.
        I am really newbe in this 🙂
        Thanks in advance.

        • Yes you can buy a motherboard for the NIU Pro, but it requires a bigger motherboard. Escootparts.nl
          [Comment by MyNiu: This shop is yet unapproved, their page does no feature a real address or names of owners. Their contact email looks at least strange – so be careful about fake-shops!]

  • Just got my NIU N1S 25km but not very satisfied with the low speed. Has there been any update about running faster this model?

    • Hi Barry,
      I own an M+ Sport (25km) and looking to have the upgrade done, but not sure what the effects are. Can you answer below questions please?
      1. does it still record the km distances correctly, in the App
      2. is the exact speed correctly indicated on the dashboard
      3. does it also accellerate better from e.g. 15km
      4. how much does it affect the mileage
      5. does it void the warranty?
      6, how much did it cost you?
      Thanks in advance.

  • I just need to make mine go 35 kmph in stead of the current 30 kmph.
    Just need to go a bit faster than the e-bikes.
    Isn’t there a way to change some software parameters ?

    • Ciao Giovanni, welcome on board! For staying up-to-date I’d suggest following the thread in or forum.

    • I’m not quite sure which post you mean, but the one about making the NIU faster is linked in the FAQ, saying “Here’s the post about this tuning.” – Well, and it’s very prominently featured on the top of the homepage.

  • I agree, I think all manufacturers will have to comply to EU law, which will restrict the use of speed delimiters set by OEM. This is probably related to emission related obligations. Sever penalties will be enforced to dealers and OEM if they don’t follow these rules.

    • Hey Novum,
      That’s the point. So dealers/importers have no interest in such “feature” risking to loose their status/license.
      As an owner it’s the same thing as with petrol scooters. You’re going beyond the type approval thus loosing it and you’ll get in trouble with your insurance of course. Not to mention the police/law 😉
      So it’s the same as it is since the 70s: The tortoise and hare game.
      As written earlier, I’m working a post about how this can be done technically. Just for informational reasons… >:-)

  • Following your conversation, just wondering if there is any progress on removing spseedlimit for 25 Km/h model?

    • Not that I know of. That said, I hadn’t had the chance to check the 2018 N1s 25Km/h model.
      These do have the indicator sounds (like the M1), but I’m pretty sure that the European importers are forced to remove everything in the firmware which is against EU laws :-/

  • Will this also be possible with the M1pro the same way as N1S? Because of the OTA Upgrade Thing… :/

    • As far as we know, the “Hack” or Easteregg is not working for the EU N1S models… and if I remember correctly, the M1Pro as being sold inside the EU as the same (soft) limit at 45km/h as the N1S.
      That said, OTA Upgrade is a very good point… that can spoil your modification-fun at any given time 🙁

      • That´s right, i already tried the Easteregg Thing on my M1pro..only the Light Sound Change works..

        But what i ment is to change the parameters of the BMS and the Controller to make it faster. As for as i know, the Controller talks to a RS485 Bus, which i could connect to my pc. But the problem is the software to change the parameters :/

        • Unfortunately it’s not just adjusting the BMS. The motor controller needs to be capable to handle more juice (as well as the battery).
          I’m currently writing on a post explaining all this and how ‘they’ make their NIU run faster… stay tuned.

  • Battery management circuitry is in the battery container. It is the motor controller that has to be reprogrammed, namely the rotation speed of the actuator field.

    • Karl, thanks for the clarification! Does the motor controller sit inside the motor or is it placed externally?
      Does it talk to some bus like the RS485? (You do know where this is going, don’t you ;-))

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    Replacements (1)

    Q: What brands of tires had successfully mounted onto a N1s?

    A: Owners reported these tires to be “compatible”, i.e. tested on their NIU:

    For the record, these are the required sizes
    Front: 90/90-12 Rim: 2.15×12
    Back: 120/70-12 Rim: 3.50×12

    • Recommended for bad weather: Heidenau K58 mod. Snowtex
    • [have your tire listed here]

    If you’ve mounted any other brand, feel free to share your experience in the comments (which then will be added to this FAQ). Thanks!

    Category: Replacements
    Tag: tires
  • How can I open the charger case for NQi Sport? Dog chewed cord (AC plug end) and I need to wire a new one

    • I did not check the NQi charger – but it looks my N1S charger.
      Which means: You can’t open it… well you can but it is completely
      cast in resin. One fat block of resin – a cable going in, another going out 🙁
      So all you can do is getting a new plug, cut the remaining cable, extend it if needed and mount the new plug.

  • actually have pirelly angel scotter front 90/90-10 and Michelin City Grip 120/70-10 used around 9000km amd had the first flat on boths, plan to change back because feel michelin city slippery so much in wet conditions

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