Q: There’s an Error 30 displayed in my NIUs dashboard

A: Generally, this is a Battery failure code.

The official manual provides these reasons and how to fix them:

Battery over-charging Stop charging. Start discharging if
it is normal.
Low-temperature battery protection (-20
Restore the temperature
The BMS temperature detection circuit is
Replace the battery

N1s owners reported several occasions when this happens:

  • Charging the battery externally(!) it only reaches a 90% charge. Putting it back into the NIU triggers Error 30.
  • Unplugging the charger right after the LED changed to green.
  • After driving downhill, especially when the charge is around 90%

To conclude all these reports, the main reason for Error 30 seems to be the BMS which is built into the battery.
One owner contacted the German/Austrian importer who responded like this:

This error report can easily be deleted by simply starting your scooter by the start-button.
Please mind: If Error 30 occurs, the “P” symbol will not be displayed in the dashboard.

After driving for about 2 meters the BMS will recognize power consumption from the battery and you can use your scooter as normal.
When starting your scooter make sure that the side stand is not swung out!

This procedure did delete the Error 30 in 100% of all cases – maybe an update of the BMS (using the diagnose device) will permanently correct this issue.
We’re currently working on new BMS boards which also might be  good for retrofitting.

Generally, Error 30 will be triggered if you drive your NIU downhill for a longer distance and recuperation is ‘overloading’ the battery. One hint in the forums was to use the brakes every now and then and there will be no error displayed.

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  • For you amusement…
    Today, after ~1000km I had my first Error 30.
    It was one of the “triggers” decribed above: I charged my battery in my office and saw the LED changing to green – unplugged the charger right away and put the battery back into my N1s about 30mins later.
    Instantly it greeted me with that damn error message. “on/off” and disconnecting the battery did not help.
    But gently pulling the brakes to enable the start button, then pressing start while pushing the NIU about half a meter did the trick.

  • Hello,

    I’ve had the code 30 also. Tried the trick explained by Thomas and the FAQ but didn’t work: the scooter would put itself in max 15km mode and turn off 5 minutes later saying the battery is at 0%.

    I put it back to the dealer who said the charger was defect. They gave me a new one (and I think they might have updated the firmware/software). Now the scooter works like a charm and doesn’t try to charge the battery anymore when over 90%…

    Cheers and thanks for this site!

  • I’ve experienced error 30 today 2 min. from home. Had loaded 100% and went downhill. The NIU stopped half way down the hill.
    Pretty disturbing! I pushed the scooter a few meters and turned the throttle and it did the trick. After trying to switch it off and on again to no avail I nearly gave up.

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