Which ‘firmware’ versions are there?

Q: Are there different versions of ‘firmwares’ available for my NIU and what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages? A: Yes, definitely, there are several known software revisions around – all undocumented. Here’s what we know so far (gathered by users all over the world), columns filled with data where available… You’ll get the software revision from the App, it seems it always claims to be “latest version” The “ECUKRS” version name hints towards the official Austrian importer KSR, maybe tweaked by them Official dealers have a tool to update your firmware. If you have severe issues, it’s worth a try. That said, … Continue reading Which ‘firmware’ versions are there?

My controller is blinking. What gives?

The NIU N1s’ main controller normally called ECU (hidden inside/behind the front panel) has an LED, and if it blinks, that’s a message 😉 Here are the blink codes: 1 Over-Voltage warning Battery voltage is higher than default value 2 Under-Voltage warning Battery voltage is lower than default value 3 Over-Current warning Instant current is higher than default value or Phase line short circuit 4 Locked-rotor warning Duration of Motor in locked-rotor status longer than default value Replace FOC controller 5 HALL failure Incorrect HALL input(Voltage) detected Replace Motor 6 MOSFET failure MOSFET power self-check failed Replace FOC controller 7 … Continue reading My controller is blinking. What gives?

What GPS system is used in my NIU?

For the European market NIU chose the well-known Swiss manufacturer of ready-to-use GPS modules: u-blox. A press release  of u-blox reveals that they use the standalone GNSS‑Modul MAX‑7Q, which is using a Multi‑GNSS technology (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS und SBAS), making sure that tracking will work in any part of the world, at any time, independent from a single satellite system. Continue reading What GPS system is used in my NIU?