Importing a NIU scooter from China

Q: Can I import/bring my NIU from China into Europe? A: It shows that there are quite some NIU owners, who like to bring their beloved scooter with them to Europe (or even the US). There are two obstacles (besides shipping): Get it registered (You’ll need an CoC) Use the software (i.e. App) The CoC is provided by the official importer of your country. You might either ask them, or you’re lucky to find somebody at the NIU mothership who’s willing to help you. Without a CoC, riding your NIU in Europe is illegal. Concerning the software reader Agus … Continue reading Importing a NIU scooter from China

Can I have my child riding the NIU with me?

Yes, technically there is a way… given it is street-legal in your country to have a child riding along with you. There’s a special child-seat for motor/electric scooters available: The Stamatakis Maxi seat is especially made for scooters and motorcycles and perfectly fits the N1s saddle. 4 loops are used to fixate the seat to the saddle: One below the saddle itself, one around the front of the seat-compartment and two can be looped through the handlebars in the back. My daughter (aged 6) is just able to reach the foot-rests. Smaller children can use the supplied foot-slings which come … Continue reading Can I have my child riding the NIU with me?

The App is not working/has a bug

A: Straight away: The App offered for all non-Chinese owners is a piece of crap – and ages old. The app got constant update cycles and is en-par with the Chinese version now. Like every piece of software, it’s not bug free, but I’d say it’s stable. Make sure you d/l the latest version – if you’re experiencing problems (registration etc.) the first thing is patience. Sometimes it takes a day until something found its way though the systems. If waiting didn’t help, it’s time to see your dealer. Continue reading The App is not working/has a bug

What NIU models are available at the moment?

First of all: Since the launch of their different models (~2016), NIU tend to rename their (sub)models every now and then. So depending on the year of delivery the same model might have a slightly different name which can get pretty confusing. Let’s take the model N as an example: Starting in China as “N1 civic” it became the “N1” after Honda claimed civic as their brand, which is the same as the “N1s” in Europe (+extra specs for ‘oversea’, ~2017). Then in 2018 it became the “N1 sport” and after the latest renaming in 2019 all models lost its … Continue reading What NIU models are available at the moment?