This is a NIU owner and enthusiast page – especially those living outside China. To be helpful for most owners in the countries the NIU scooters are exported to, this page is kept in English.

NIU -in this case- is the name of a manufacturer of electric scooters (not e.g. the Northern Illinois University).
You probably came here because you also own one and/or like to know more about it…

That said, willkommen, welcome, bienvenue to MyNIU.org!

My Name is Axel, I live in Hamburg/Germany and when I got my NIU in 2017 (N1s that is) I’ve instantly looked for places to learn more about its nitty-gritty details. But between endless threads of range-discussions and moaning about build-quality, it was hard to quickly find what I’ve been looking for.
So that was the moment this page was born. What I like to publish here are

  • Beyond-the-manual information
  • Optimizations
  • in-depth analysis (i.e. open things)
  • a FAQ
  • Neat ideas

By no means all of these findings or ideas came from me. I’m standing on the shoulder of giants, mostly accumulating and condensing threads from several communities.
To differentiate between my own and other people origin I’ll use either 1st person singular “I” or 1st person plural “We” (providing sources were available).

I’ve intentionally left out a forum because there are already plenty out there – in several languages which would be a nightmare to support.
If you feel the urge to participate, each post gives you the option to leave a comment and discuss the specific matter right where it belongs.