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Around mid-year 2018 NIU finally started to release a much better version of the App than the one before… which – and we all agreed on thiswas a piece of crap (Post from 2017). But now we have a new NIU app, we’re at roughly version 3.4.6 and things are getting better and better.

The new NIU App

This new version, let’s call it V3 for short -here’s the official press release – does indeed many things better than the previous one – most important, it’s much more stable.

There are several “pages” you can swipe through and they actually have some useful information in them, i.e. the main page correctly reports your parking position, and finally the stats are correct, too.  The 2nd “Service” page shows the closest dealer to your current position and the 3rd page provides a working OTA update functionality for your scooters ECU

The setup woes

Still, there are some things troubling (new) users – these didn’t change since the previous version and are more or less the dealers “fault” not properly informing their customers.

  • Many dealers actually don’t tell their customers that activating their sim card can take some time, the process is automatic now, but still can take some hours before the status will show online. Meaning the most enthusiastic customers will go crazy if the App doesn’t work instantly. So have patience, young padawan.
  • Registering with you mobile phone number: still owners enter their phone numbers the wrong way (no country code, keeping the zero, spaces, etc) so that the text-message will never arrive
  • Of course using the wrong password too many times will get you locked out.

And now for the cool news…

Yes, it’s true: NIU is listening! Right here. Whatever feature you’re missing in the App, things that drive you crazy… bring it on! Put it in the comments or in the corresponding forum thread and some nice NIU employees will read them – promised!
You chance to de-crap the App even further – and if you don’t, you may be silent forever 😉

Here are my 2 cents to give you a head-start:

  • Add an error-code decoder (e.g. enter “30” and get a useful description and optimally a way to fix it)
  • Make it faster – sometimes it takes a while to load all images & data. Just use more AWS instances in international locations 😉

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      Around mid-year 2018 NIU finally started to release a much better version of the App than the one before… which – and we all agreed on this – was a
      [See the full post at:]

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      Arvid NormanArvid Norman

      Absolutely happy to help.

      1. Clicking on Battery Level and then Estimated range results in error message “Unknown model” (see attached pic). I own an N1S 2018.

      2. While charging, remaining charging time is always zero.

      3. The “unauthorized movement” notification is always pushed when I end a ride, but never when alarm is armed and a movement occurs.

      4. Past routes avg speed is always zero.

      5. Please remove the waiting list ad-splash screen. Recently bought this scooter and am happy with it, don’t want to see an ad for another scooter EVERY time I open the app – I paid for the scooter and should therefore not be forced to view an ad to control it.


      Arvid – an otherwise very happy N1S owner





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        Sieghart MichielsenSieghart Michielsen

        Hi Arvid,

        Your point 1. = a known issue. It’s a test feature that was accidentally released too soon, without all parameters working. We will remove the function with the next update until it is completely developed.

        Other points are noted and will be discussed with our app team



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      Sieghart MichielsenSieghart Michielsen

      NIU is indeed listening!

      I’ve seen some good points raised already..

      We are constantly working to improve our app and its functions. Of course, every change and improvement needs to be considered and tested well until released.

      Feedback from our users prioritises the development areas, and that’s why hearing your suggestions is vital for making impactful changes.

      So keep ’em coming and happy riding to all!



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      Hi Sieghart,

      (1) I always get a “pre-order” splash screen when I launch the app. I’d love to be able to dismiss this permanently.

      (2) My GPS hasn’t worked for 45 days. What can I do, or who do I get in touch with about it? Is there an app support team?

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      Jens MüllerJens Müller

      Hey there,

      I really like the 3rd version of the App. You can see  a lot of information and I love the design.

      since I own my NIU M1 Pro I think about 2 features:

      let us control the NIU from the App, maby something like the finding button on the remote from the keys. A button in the app which if you press it the light go on or the horn makes some noise.

      My 2nd wish is a modifyable screen to the NIU if it’s possible.

      There you can change the screen, and for example see the remeaning distanz of your batterie.


      thx for reading and greetings from Germany


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      Frank SagurnaFrank Sagurna

      One small usefull feature could be to show the energy consumption in the last driven routes, or the start percentage and end percentage of the battery for each route.

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      Christian GottseligChristian Gottselig

      Hi, I am happy with my scooter and the app. There is a translation mistake in German, but nothing serious: (See attached picture) it has to be “Geschwindigkeit”

      I would have the wish, to enable the alarm in the app. Also the coming home funktion would be nice.

      It would also nice to have, if there is a statistic of how much ampere or battery percentage per 100km.

      Also a nice feature would be that settings could be done via app like:

      Set the drive mode 1 2 3 permanently at the start of the scooter. Also the change of the indicator sounds would be great to be controlled via app. Maybe uploading of individual indicator sounds would be awesome. 🙂


      Keep on the good work NIU

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      Daniel BootDaniel Boot

      the app is kind of basic,  i  am missing 1 thing, i thought when the alarm goes off,  i also get a message on my phone

      a few other things i dont like;
      – Battery loss of 2% a day when not using, sometimes even more.
      last saturdayafternoon (17:00) i charged until 100%, now it’s wednesday around 17:30, and now it’s 88% while not using it.

      – also the sounds on of the direction are annoying, only the basic one is ok.

      it would be cool if there could be some sounds on it like an engine, i know the Niu has multiple speakers inside

      the Niu should have tesla style options


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      Nils ÖsterlundNils Österlund


      As regards improvement of the app, perhaps NIU could use the app to communicate possible new features or improvements and let us as users vote for e.g. the top three focus areas each month.

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      Marian SMarian S

      Same here:

      1.No Info is pushed if Alarm is activated – Android 8 App 3.4.8

      The “unauthorized movement” notification is always pushed when I end a ride, but never when alarm is armed and a movement occurs.


      Too much Battery Drain if the Scooter stands. Up to 4% per Day. This is way too much also with the Smart Functions in mind.


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      Arne ReiberArne Reiber

      App get disconnected from scooter by recharging the battery, only dis- and reconnect plug at battery brings connection back.

      App version 3.4.8

      NIU N1S Model 2018

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      Martin MiklavcicMartin Miklavcic

      I would be glad if the scooter would remember the last power-mode setting on startup. It is somewhat tiring, to push “ready” + 3x the ‘mode’ button to get started…

      Ah yes: and the mode button is sometimes not responsive only if you push it very hard.



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      Sebastian RothmayerSebastian Rothmayer

      I would like to see total distance since last charge  (like the forecast only i the other direction)

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      Andrei DumitruAndrei Dumitru

      it  would be nice to see last battery percentage even after you remove the battery. Or on the history page, after the end o a trip, there could be a mentioning with the battery percentage at the end 🙂


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