NIU endurance

(T)rusty scooter?

This is a meant-to-stay post… it was born to grow. It’s about the endurance and longevity of our NIU scooters, so it will be fed by your participation. Over multiple years – hopefully.

Walking the streets of Hamburg today I accidentally stumbled across an original “N1s civic”. Yes the one which should not even exist in Europe due to some product name copyright issues with Honda.
Taking a closer look, it became clear that this scooter showed quite some wear already. It can’t be much older than late 2016, i.e. it’s most likely 2 years by now.

Having a look at the pictures I’ve taken, especially the screws and dampers used at the axles seem to be of low quality and rust like hell
But also the side-stand is looking pretty battered. Not knowing the storing conditions this poor N1s had, it still made me wonder if the build quality is still the same with the later models.

Do you have any long-term experiences with your NIUs endurance? Share them in the comments!
For detailed discussions about e.g. electrics, chassis of fixing things, we have a forum, too. 😉 [It’s especially useful if you like to add pictures and such]

2 thoughts on “NIU endurance

  1. Hi,
    I can confirm it hasn’t improved. My Niu isn’t even a year and it looks similar to
    yours. Also have a lot of electronic as well as mechanical issues.
    I’m the first owner and the bike has been well maintained.

  2. Looking at the pics: that is normal “tear & wear” on German and Austrian roads. At least when driving your vehicle while they are using salt on the roads (may be even left-over). We bought a white car from new and even the paint(!) got rusty marks after 1 year from the salt, because they use a very aggressive solution.
    And the underside of the car looked exactly like the NIU. The only option would be to powder-coat those parts where it is possible and to hope they remain un-scratched.

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