Houston, we have a Flagship store!

Ok, NIU really means it… they’re on a mission, and the mission is a good one: A flagship store in Europes major “traffic cities”. So it does not mean it always will be a country’s capital, but cities suffering most of traffic jams and the daily craziness of transportation.

Living in Hamburg, Germany, I’m happy to share the news with you that NIUs 3rd flagship store (after Amsterdam and Paris – Barcelona is a “Premium Store”) will be located in, well, Hamburg. Woo-hoo! Time frame is “soon” (so this year) and the address is not yet available but I’ll keep you informed as soon as I know more. Anyhow, this is a MyNIU.org exclusive, remember you’ve read it here first 😉

In case you haven’t seen them yet, this is Barcelona (it’s a store-in-store, so the outside view is not branded):


…and Paris

That said, more stores are planned for 2019… So, in which city would you like to see the next NIU flagship store to be opened? Leave a comment, maybe NIU will listen… but be realistic, e.g. Reykjavik probably won’t happen 😉

P.S: Erm, did I mention that the U-Model will finally be available in Europe in September?

3 thoughts on “Houston, we have a Flagship store!

  1. …also this online shop:
    they have a store in Budapest too, prices are more than reasonable, an M1 top case would cost €77, probably because they import straight from China without the NIU retail fixed price for Europe. That’s why in the “Accessories” you’d find gloves, jackets, etc all branded NIU impossible to find in Europe.

    Did anybody out there tried it already?

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