To update or not to update?

Ok, NIU is rolling out the 1st OTA firmware update… sooner or later you’ll get an alert in your NIU App asking to go through a certain procedure to get your firmware to the latest version.
There are different firmwares out there and it’s not totally clear which features/enhances/ruins what. We’re trying to collect a list reported by other NIU owners over here.

But now it’s the first time you can to decide if you want to do the update. Personally (version TRA01V08 on 2017 model and have been offered to update to TRA01C10), I will wait because I’m happy with what I have and I fear it can only get worse (i.e. slower) – That said, your milage may vary.

Some users reported that they have troubles to get the process going or even get the notification that an update is available. One trick seems to switch off “GPS locating” inside the app.
After some IT-crowd’ish “turning it off and on again” of this feature the OTA update alert indeed showed up. Then again, it seems to need some power-cycles of your NIU to get the update starting – some owners went as far as unplugging/plugging the battery. NB: 2017 models won’t show the  “UP”  icon but simply start a count-up from 0 to 100 using the odometer.

The first reports from owners of 2018 N1S models (TRA01C03) were positive, i.e. no changes in its driving behaviour but the app held the connection to the scooter much longer than before where it tends to drop the connection every hour or so.

We’re happy to hear back from you how your update went… or why you refrain from doing it. Let the comments roll or even better use the forum 😉

39 thoughts on “To update or not to update?

  1. Nice, will see if mine gets updated as well. As mentioned in the forum (;)) my 2018 N1S already runs TRA01C07 for 2 weeks? It was running TRA01C03 when I bought it 3 weeks ago. (Netherlands)

    I hae no comparison with older FW, but I can confirm the app connection is 99% working!

  2. NIU M1 Pro after update (TRA01C10):
    Max Speed rise from 46-47 km/h to 49-50 km/h – Est Range drop from 64-62 km to 60-58 km.
    Clock on display now show the real time, it was 3 hours in late.
    GPS on/off switch added in the app and its working. No problems at all after update, I’m very happy with 49/50 km/h 😀

    1. Hey Zsolt! Very cool feedback, thank you! So, the M1 actually profits from the update.
      The reduced range is a logical consequence of the increased speed.

    2. Hi Zsolt, thanks for the feedback.
      I have one question: the speed increase in refereed to GPS measurement or the display on the scooter?
      Mine has old firmware and it already has top speed of 49-51 kmh on the display. Of course, on the gps of my phone the real speed was 46-47 kmh.
      How did you measure it?

  3. I had the update when I was at the garage for repair from an accident. Suddenly the display stopped working but they installed a new one. It seems that several scooters had this problem. Now even the GPS works, before I had no connection at all. Finally the app is no longer crap!

    1. Good to hear, Thomas!
      So I’d assume the Update is fixing the GPS issues which plagued the 2018 models…

  4. Hello I can not update my scooter version 2018 unfortunately (version TRA01C102), also the disabling of the GPS localization brought no success. Does anyone have a tip for me?

      1. i tried it again and again with a good reception ( also in holland) and still i dont get a connection with the firmware update gps and gsm shows a good connection in the app.


    1. Hi,
      I have the exact same problem when trying to upgrade my Niu N1s 2018 from version TRA01C02. When I click the disable GPS-tracking button inside of the app, I get prompted to upgrade because of a version miss match. It then says, i should update to the version I already have. After I try to confirm the update inside the app, it says “Update Failed”.

  5. Is there anyone outthere who can post instructions how tu update the firmware?

    1. Hey batttman,
      it is actually quite easy and the instructions are simple and clear within the NIU smartphone App.
      – Just go into the “Me” tab at the bottom.
      – Then “My garage” and tap your scooter.
      – Then tap OTA Uptades
      Follow instructions. Make sure your scooter has GSM coverage.
      I had problems because I received a message with “No GSM signal” while I was in the middle of the city. This is a bug. All I did is disconnect the battery a reconnect it and BAM! the GSM signal was back. The I followed update instructions and all went well.
      Now my scooter is always connected, displays correct time and the performance was not affected.

  6. Do anyone know what the difference is between the versions TRA01V08 and TRA01C10?

  7. Got the TRA01C10 from the old C03 and my top speed is now 55km/ with the wind in my back and 53km/h under normal conditions. +5km/h. The biggest difference is the increased acceleration! Much quicker and more agile.

    Had problems to install it but the dealer helped me.

  8. Niu N1s 2018
    Hallo zusammen,

    Das Update von TRA01C03 auf TRA01C10 hat nur funktioniert wenn man den Akku während des Updates kurz abklemmt.

    – App: GSM überprüfen ob Signal da ist ( Bei war kein Signal vorhanden, Akku ab wieder dran, dann ging es)
    – App: Update starten, es werden 10 Minuten heruntergezählt.
    – Niu: Off
    – Akkudeckel auf
    – Akku: Verbindung trennen
    – Akku: Verbindung herstellen
    – Niu: On
    – Niu-Display: Warten bis GSM Signal vorhanden
    – Niu-Display: Updatet startet und es wird von 00 bis 100 hochgezählt
    – Niu: fahrbereit 🙂

    erste Fahrrests:
    Mode1: 19-20km so wie vorher
    Mode2: 37-38 km/h vorher 34 km/h
    Mode3: 49-51 km/h vorher 46-47 km/h

    Reichweite dadurch etwas geringer:
    Ich komme so ca. 53 km weit, was natürlch auch an meinem Gewicht von 105 kg

    App: man kann nun das GPS Tracking ausschalten.



    1. Thanks for the comment, Paul!
      Please remember to stick to English whenever possible. This is an international user page, and it would be a shame to loose valuable infos bad (google) translations.

      Quick sum-up: Paul updated his N1s 20018 from TRA01C03 to TRA01C10 this way:
      Check GSM availability. Start Update, countdown of 10mins. Switch your NIU off. Disconnect and reconnect the main battery. Switch your NIU on again. Wait for GSM signal. Update should start with countdown from 0 to 100. Done.

    2. hello Paul,
      this procedure worked for me (NIU N1S, 06/2018) for the update from TRA01C03 to TRA01C10. Thank you.
      Now the App connection seems to be more stable and there are some improvements on power consumption (my impression).

      Pls note: the update process on the NIU started 3x before successful completion.

  9. I updated today from TRA01C03 to TRA01C10.
    After endless problems with aborted update: The upgrade did not work with a battery level of 67%. It started without problem when the battery was at 77%! (App sais >60% required). So try with full battery if it does not work…
    clock is correct now. I’m not sure, but I think the top speed went down by one km/h to 49-50km/h.
    It is now possible to disable GPS and the App Connection is now more stable.

  10. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass die App die Verbindung zum Roller verliert sobald dieser geladen wurde. Nur ein Trennen und Wiederherstellen der Akkuverbindung stellt die Verbindung zur App wieder her. Dies ist bei meinem 2018er Model mit der C03 wie auch der C10 der Fall.

  11. Just updated my NIU N1S 2018 and am VERY HAPPY with having done so. App holds the connection 100% now. The scooter is a bit faster and I the recuperation is more noticeable. Before, I hardly felt anything when recuperating, now This has totally changed. Highly recommended update!

  12. Why they everywhere talk about a Bosch 2400 W engine when on mine I see clearly 1500 W stamp on it???
    Anyway I’m happy with the scooter and the update worked at once, so now the connection is finally stable.
    But still look for unblock the speed limit, only a little would be enough but this 50 on meter how are 45 on GPS need 10 more to be fluid in the trafic

  13. Hello Everybody!

    I got my new N1S last Sunday! 🙂
    The activation procrss isn’t finshed yet (“67!” in Display and App says “no connection”). But the App offers me a ECU firmware update from TRA01C03 to C10. Can I update even the activation isn’t finished yet?

    1. Hi,
      I updated my N1S about 2 weeks ago – after I saw that the activating was finished. I used the update procedur as Paul Paul descibed. Update went through successfully. After that I don’t noticed any changes. Ok, before I didn’t discharged complemtly the battery, so there would some noticeable changes. Apropos discharge: I discharged the battery down to 9%. Down to 10% completly normal dirving operation. From 9% downward only mode 1 with a maximum speed of 20km/h was possible.

  14. Hello,

    is there a firmware version where the Niu N1s drives 50km/h for real?
    I wish there was an option for that.

    Lg Georg

  15. Hello, on NGT, update will not start because ECU battery is 1%. How can I charge ECU battery. The big batteries are both at 99%.
    Thank you

  16. Wait for what? Dealer say that the sim is
    not yet activated and I should wait up to 72 hours. But I have gps data, app shows correct battery but incorrect time.

    1. Th ECU battery is charged by the main battery… this takes some time.
      I answered this in the other comment in the ECU glossary… thus it is not wise to crosspost the same question in different places (incl. Facebook etc.) – this always leads to confusion and fragmented answers.

  17. Is it possible to ride N1s without any updates at the max speed around 65-70km/hr?

    1. What exactly do you mean be “without any updates”? Firmware updates?
      To my knowledge the only way to get an N1s this fast is a parallel controller. Additionally you might ruin your motor and battery pretty fast when running it above spec for most of the time.

  18. No any Firmware updates and no parrallel controllers as well.still is is possible to ride in such speed.

  19. Hello,
    Yesterday I went to my dealer to do the latest update of my NTG Niu because it didn’t worked with the OAT service.
    The update with USB directly connected with the NGT failed. The message on the device of the dealer noticed update 100% and directly after the failed message. Have you any solution for this issue?
    Many thanks

    1. Sorry but only NIU itself has more knowledge about the (very unstable) update process than your dealer does.
      I heard from my dealer that he sometimes has to retry the process several times. Also a good GSM connection during the update is very important even when done through the H1 service-device (so check that with your mobile phone beforehand).

  20. Got a notice on the app today for my MQI GT that there was a update from VLA01B23 to VLA01B24 followed the instructions exactly and the firmware updated OK, turned off the app and disconnected the charger, but when I reconnect the app it now reports batteries disconnected, they show as connected on the dash, but a quick ride shows the regeneration is now not operating, it would appear that this upgrade has done something to the BMS system.
    I have tried disconnecting the batteries for 30+ mins and reconnecting that did not work, the system seems to be connected to the Web ok as the ecu battery level is reported and location is working.
    The system is reporting latest firmware installed VLA01B24.
    I have raised a ticket and am waiting for a reply.

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