Any Easteregg hidden in my NIU?

Well, it’s clear there’s a lot of software involved in you little beloved NIU scooter… and where’s software, there is (often) an easteregg hidden somewhere.

As far as we know, at least the Chinese Firmware contains two “hidden features”, both very handy.
Of course I’ve intensively tested both on my 2017 N1s – with no success.

A stern word of warning and disclaimer:

Whatever you do to your scooter with these ‘hacks’, you might void your guarantee – you might even break your scooter and/or end up with a confused firmware and therefore non-working scooter.
I cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising from the use of information contained in this post. Use it at your own risk. 

If you own a 2016 model and did not get your BMS or any other firmware updated by your dealer or distributor, it’s definitely worth a try (again: at your own risk!).
And don’t forget to post your results in the comments below!

Unlock speed limit

Woooohoooo… did you say unlocking?!?!?
Yes I did… and even it’s the #1 FAQ Question, don’t wet your pants right away. This easteregg is primarily useful for N1/M1 owners who have their scooter limited to 20 or 25km/h.
After doing so, the N1 (no “s” here) should run at ~48km/h – some sources report that a N1s would speed up to 56km/h… but that’s all hear-say until we have a real prove here.

Ok, so here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Make sure the side-stand is folded in. Switch your NIUs ‘ignition’ on with the key, put it into 2nd “gear”.
  2. Switch power off again (using the key)
  3. Press and hold(!) the START button as well as the handbrake (left or right – doesn’t matter)
  4. Now switch power on again (using the key) while still holding START and brake and wait 2 seconds.
  5. Release START and brake the same time.
  6. Now press the START button an brake again and hold them for 10 seconds (or more)
  7. Release START while holding the brake for another second before releasing it, too.
  8. Power your NIU off and on again

As seen in the video below, your NIU should now accelerate well above 25km/h… or even 50 😉
To reverse the effect, just do the same steps again…

Indicator Sound

Some firmware releases seem to offer a feature to have the indicators doing some sounds (As for the M1, it’s officially documented!) .

The procedure for this easteregg is quite simple and I actually see no risk in trying it:

  • Push the indicator button inwards and hold it being pushed in
  • push it to the right for 2 seconds
  • and to the left (2s)
  • and to the right again

Also this trick is not working with my 2017 firmware 🙁 Because I found another description which inverted the procedure (left-right-left) I tried that, too. Again no success.

Here’s a video demonstrating all available sounds on an N1(s)…

For completeness, here’s the procedure done on an M1:

Did it work for you? Leave a comment! (Model, year and county would be helpful…)

119 thoughts on “Any Easteregg hidden in my NIU?

  1. Changing the sound works on my N1S. To go to the next sound, Just keep the button pressed in and blink twice right and twice left. When you go right again the sound changes. I guess there are about 10 different but rather special sounds.

  2. I got my Niu N1S two weeks ago and after 250km I can say „I love this little e-scooter“, but I definitely want more speed and acceleration. I‘m sure its 2500W Bosch motor would provide more of these, but software is limiting, because of energy-saving or because of the law (here in Austria max. 45 km/h) or just because the firmware is somewhat buggy. For example rolling downhill reaching over 55km/h and going uphill after that the power is coming back very slow. I think it takes beetween 5 to 10 seconds till full power is on and so the speed is falling down to 35 km/h (or less) before it‘s gaining speed again. It would be very nice if I could control from zero power to max power all the time with my right hand.

    1. I haven’t seen a 2500W bosch motor. I’ve seen 1500W & 3000W. 2500W Bosch motor for N1s not yet.

    1. Yes you tweak your scooter, but if you change 8000w, you also need to change your foc controller, instead of 60v, you need to increase to 72v, and upgrade your battery too👌 Lastly but it’s up to you upgrade your brakes and tires 👍🏻. If you lived in China then this is very easy upgrade 😁✌️

      1. Very easy but as far as I can see requires buying new high voltage battery, new controller which totals at about the same price of a total scooter ? Or you have better Source? I have an M+ Sport

  3. I could not unlock speed limit as presented above on my NIU m1 sport (25km/h). Anyone else that succeeded?

    1. Been looking around all over internet to find ways to unlock the speed limit (25km/h). But these things seems to be harder to find than I also thought. Anyone?

          1. Indeed it is. I’d rather ride an electric scooter instead… 25 is just unworthy.

      1. As written in this post, older (Chinese) models were unlockable, European and newer ones aren’t anymore. A 2nd controller currently seems to be the only way to get around the limit… Which again doesn’t work out of the box with international models.

        1. Bonjour j’aimerais savoir ci en peut débrider le NIU M+SPORT 25km/h pour qui monte a 45km/h et changer le bruit des clignotants, ainsi je voudrais savoir pourquoi mon autonomie de 120km et actuellement a 100km pour toutes niu m+sport?

          1. Hey Royale Racing!
            I bet you will get more answers, when you stick to English. This is an international user-page and I’m sure, not everybody is fluent in French.

    2. I managed to unlock the speed for my M+ 2018 model but can’t seem to do so with the sound

          1. If your comment should say something along the line “is that 2nd controller also working in my M+ sport?” the answer is “dunno.”

      1. M+ sport speed unlocked! I have a china model which i bought last 2019. At first i was bum of the 19km/h speed limit. But after trial and error, i was able to unleash the beast! Thanks for posting!!! Now i can truly enjoy riding it!

        1. Hey Carl!
          Nice to hear you got it working… I think you’re the first positive feedback. Probably because you have a Chinese model 😉

  4. Is it also possible to change the sound of the horn of the NIU M1? To make it less loud and less aggressive?

  5. I got a U1 PRO (25 km/h) and really would like to unlook the speed limit. Anyone know´s how to do it? Except the slow speed i really like it!

    1. 25 km/h? That weird – I have the basic model here in China and it does 35 km/h (more with a fully charged battery)

    2. Please try to switch to the other speed mode. The button is a “+” sign on the right handle.
      On “1” it only goes max 25km/h and on “2” it goes to 45km/h or a little more.

  6. Speed change don’t work on NIU M+ Lite 25km/h /2019
    Only works change sound !

  7. Someone know if i buy NIU U-Pro 45 km/h control box and put it in
    NIU M+ Lite 25km/h will it work ?
    If it works then you can unlock your speed simple 😉

  8. Anyone tried to unlock speed on U model?
    I got a max speed of 47km/h so far downhill.
    It has 45km/h homologated speed for public roads, but I want to go faster on private roads.

    1. Well technically, there shouldn’t be any difference in the way of doing it. You’d just have to find the correct 2nd controller… Not sure if there are any changes in the cable harness.

    2. There is but it’s only available here in China, We call this changing the controller parameters that’s set by Niu which is at 70km/h & maximum set at 100 km/h which is when driving your max speed is 85 to 90km/h depending on your weight. NGT controller is 72252 and there’s a USB cable port to your laptop from your controller but when you buy this cable the seller will give you the app to download the app for usb. But it’s in Chinese language when app is open.

      1. Hy Ryan, I tested in my new NQI GTS PRO (2020) the procedure related to increase de speed for N1 and it was worst. Max. Speed in dynamic 25 km/h. I revesed inmediatly but good notice is that someone is possible to change in our nius. If you tested something more, please explain me. It will be good to increase +10km/h so now my fast speeed is 74/75 km/h, slower than a truck and dangerous. Thanks!!!

  9. Is there a way to make your Niu M1 a bit faster?
    At the moment my Niu M1 pro will reach 48 kmh on the display (with a full battery). But max GPS speed is 5km/h lower so topspeed of my scooter is 43km/h. With an battery below 40% the GPS topspeed is 38km/h. Very disapointing!

    1. Well, given the M1 uses a comparable setup, I’d say theoretically it’s possible to make it faster. You just have to find the right supplier in China 😉
      Generally 43km/h is very near the official specs (45)… loosing 15% of top-speed at just 40% charge is actually disappointing and it would be interesting to hear what NIU has to say about this…

  10. Hi. I have a niu civic that sometimes doesn’t allow me to go at full speed, being 37kmh on full throttle,but if I press the hooter it goes up for a while before coming down again. Any suggestions please?

    1. Mmh, sounds like a short/loose connection to the hall sensor. See my diy video about Error 140 for more details…

    2. Hello, i have a N-pro and i tried both. It worked for the sound, but for the speed it lock it at 20 km/h in all „gear“ . Looks like we can find an another trick to unlock it at 70 km/h.
      Sorry for my english, it isn’t my first language.

      1. hey, so in the end did you find a way to unlock the n-pro? would be really awesome!

  11. Hi there,
    I have to change my meter.
    Do you know where i can find one. The official way is around 300€, so 10% of the scooter price.
    If you have an idea for spare parts.
    Julien Paris, France

  12. Do you maybe know if this 25 to 45 km/h “hack” also works on the niu u1 pro 2019 ?
    Mine is set to 25 but im wondering if i can unlock the 3. mode that goes 45 km/h ?

  13. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it. It’s quite frustrating to see that it can go faster without being able to do anything about it.

  14. Just wanted to let you know guys, I successfully unlocked my 20 kmh/h speed limit on my chinese 2018 N1S with the above procedure.
    It reaches 60 km/h after that and it never had an update and i dont want to risk an update anymore.

  15. Just out of interest. Why does the niu 25 km model in Europe not run 30 or so. I think here in Netherlands it is allowed to drive 30 on this model. Why don’t they make it so that Dutch owners located in NL can speed just those 4 or 5 km more. It really makes a difference and should be possible in software by Geo Fencing.

    1. This can only answered by NIU or their official importer. My guess is a “one size fits all” approach is much cheaper than adjust to each countrys regulations.

      1. I hope the official importer will respond sometime and also he considers this nice idea 🙂

        1. [Translated by yours the Admin – please stick to English, thanks!]
          I have an M + and increased at the dealer to 32kmpu (actual speed is 36kmpu). So it is certainly possible!

          Ik heb een M+ en bij de dealer opgevoerd naar 32kmpu (werkelijke snelheid is 36kmpu). Dus het kan zeker!

          1. [Because this is an international community, please stick to English!]
            Hi Bram!
            But is that without prejudice to your guarantee? Because they can see how fast you are going in China?
            What have the costs been and does your battery last a lot shorter?

            Ha Bram!
            Maar is dat met behoud van je garantie? Omdat ze in China kunnen zien hoe hard je gaat?
            Wat zijn de kosten geweest en gaat je batterij een stuk korter mee?

          2. Hello Bram,
            Do you have contact details of your dealer? I would like to speed up my M+ like you did.
            Regards Hans

  16. yeah.
    it is by law approved to get a (gps) speed of 34 kmph (if they test your speed on a “rollerbank” if you get lasered the speed is 29kmph

    i can even say that a speed of 25 kmph is even dangerous here in the netherland because al the bike AND ebikes go atleast 25kmph of faster

  17. I have a 25kmph version. I will upgrade the software to the 45 version.
    En between the hall sensor i will place a potentiometer.
    So when i get caught i switch this meter on and so the speed will be almost the half of 45. about 25 maybe less and will be safe for the police check 😅

    1. Hi Remco,
      Sounds good. I would like this to. Do you have any howto details?
      Regards Hans

  18. Niu U Pro is great here in Sweden, but with only 25 krm/hr its slow.
    I like to go 35 km/hr, not so fast but faster than a e-bike.
    Any advice?

  19. Hi, I have a Niu U series (UQi pro) in Canada that goes max speed of 32km/h. Anyone knows how to increase it to 45km/h or 50km/h?

    Motor is a Bosch 500watt, battery is 48volts 21Ah.

    1. There’s no known tuning solution for any of the new Qi models.
      That said, you never know what’s cooking in Chinese Backyards.

    2. Got the very same model and very same question.
      Since the key is not used to start the machine, these instruction are not working well. Tried with the controller instead of the key, but doesn’t seems to work on my side.

    3. Hi Kenny,
      I have the same model as you (UQI Pro U-Series) and YES, IT WORK! Of course you forget about using the key to power on/off and use the remote controller instead, but I’ve manage to do it on mine. For info I live in Montreal, Canada and bought mine 2 days ago. Cannot tell the model year sorry. I pass from 32km/h to 45km/h as stated in the description.

      Hope this help

      1. Thanks Elwynn, I will try that today and hopefully it works. I live in Montreal too. So maybe I will contact you to help me in person, if I don’t succeed

        1. Hi Bruno.
          My first mistake was to use the round power button next to the hook for the “hold the break & start button” step. Then I tried with the “ready” button below the gaz throttle as the starting button. After 4 times I got it right. When they say to release both at same time they are not kidding.

          Wish you luck & enjoyment!

      2. Hi Elwynn, I can confirm that it worked on my UQi pro as well on the first try. I just did it this morning and I tested on a trip from le Sud Ouest to Hôpital Notre Dame. My top speed is now 45km/h in second gear, and the first gear now has a top speed of 28km/h.

        Also to note, I did not notice any additional additional battery drain with this change, which I believe is because the torque and acceleration is still the same, just the speed has increased.

        For anyone wondering, the start button mentioned in the instructions is the green “ready” button on the UQi pro. Wherever the instructions say turn on/off the scooter, use the remote.

  20. If I care about your warranty then don’t do it. I don’t know about tuning solution but just buy a new aftermarket controller 72122 with ECU from Lingbo, that’s sure makes it fast! But sure your battery life will be lesser mileage.

  21. Yes it is direct plug-in but you can also adjust the settings. But when you install this, your mode 1 speed is no longer exists. It’s like this, Mode 1 will be the speed of Mode 2, Mode 2 is like the speed of Mode 3. Mode 3 will be the maximum speed depending on the what model you have.

    1. Just my 2ct… Depending on your local law, you might loose insurance etc. and will be in big trouble if fate strikes. Not menting your warranty… Just say’in.

  22. Yup, this is what I’m trying to say that if you worry about your warranty, insurance etc. then don’t do it because we here in China we don’t worry all of this compare to other country. Here, if you want fast, you change the controller, if you want more mileage, you change to bigger aftermarket batteries, if you want the hub motor to be changed, you can buy😁Headlights, signal lights and so on 😂You can literally build your own customized NGT, NGTS, NGT Super or NGT super fly 😂

    1. Hi brother

      Can you explain a bit about the extra milage with the bigger aftermarket batteries ?

      1. Aftermarket batteries are made with Samsung, LG and Local battery cells. They are made for Niu escooter with compatible BMS. But the there only thing is the warranty issues, they can’t extend the warranty outside China, they can’t send the battery outside China esp those far destination. Due to 🔥🔥🔥.💥💥💥 I sold my original two 35Ah battery and bought two 56Ah. I’m satisfied with the mileage 👍 120km 👍

        1. Ah bummer that I don’t live in China anymore.
          Seems a good fit thanks for the info. I wonder why they don’t sell these batteries in Europe then. Would be convenient to the end users to at least have the option.
          Do you have a taobao link to such a battery ? Thanks Ryan

  23. Hello .. Good night.
    do you know any forum about niu u series?
    I loved this page, but I’m sad because it only talks about the M or N series.
    does anyone know a place where they have information about the U series?
    I would like to increase the speed of my „U“ as well. I live in Brazil and here there is no authorized reseller, only independent import directly from china, the app I couldn’t get it to work here 😦

    1. I’m sorry for not featuring more insights on the Model U, but as far as I see, sales aren’t that strong compared to M and N.
      That said: Hey U-owners, raise your hand and join Ari in his quest…

    2. Concerning the App: I fear you will never get it to work as your NIU is a grey-import… Most likely a Chinese Model which will refuse non-chinese phone numbers for registration. You might try your luck with the Chinese NIU support directly.

      1. thank you very much for your answer my friend 😉
        do you have this contact from chinese niu?

          1. if I had a code like that of the N series to get my U from 24Km / h to 35Km / h I would be very happy… but I would love to be able to use all the functions of the app too. for example the time on my panel is totally wrong in relation to the time in Brazil, I would love to be able to fix it 😦 and be able to see the routes on the GPS, battery cycles and everything. I hope one day I can do it 😉
            I loved the community, my friends, congratulations and thanks for the help so far 😉

    3. Hi Ari, I have a UQi pro in Canada. I bought mine from an authorized reseller, so have no issues with the app, but did you try registering your scooter in the app manually? By typing in the serial number. I entered mine manually because I didn’t have the manual with the scannable code. I got the serial number from my seller though.

      1. hello,
        thanks for your help 😉
        yes, i have the QR code but when i try to insert the vehicle it gives me an answer that sent the request to the owner. I don’t know if it has been included in an app before. I bought it new from an independent importer in China (not representative)
        I don’t know how to solve this 🙁

      2. hello,
        thanks for your tip 😉
        if you have easy contact with your dealer you could ask if you have any code to improve the speed of U+ Sport?
        the app apparently doesn’t work to insert the new vehicle, so I don’t have a connection.
        and here in Brazil there is no authorized NIU reseller, only the independent importer who has no knowledge about the product he sells 😦 unfortunately
        I would like to change the time on the panel and try to make the U+ move faster than the 24 km/h that it is attached to.

        1. I will ask my dealer about this next time I go see him and will let you know if you get an answer. Mine goes to a max speed of 32km/h (although when I am driving on a flat road it’s 35km/h constantly), and when I am climbing a hill and come to the top of the hill which is flat, the scooter goes to 40km/h for about 1-2 minutes. I am still trying to find a way to permanently increase my top speed to 45-50km/h, which I know is possible and even the dealer told me it is, but he is legally not allowed to either do it for me or refer me to someone who can.

    4. I guess you bought your NIU U from China through an importer from your country. Did you asked your importer about the Sim card inside your NIU?Your Sim is from China that’s why can’t use your app, you have to replace it with local ones. I have little knowledge about this area, sorry.
      About the increasing speed? You don’t care about your warranty? If there is, insurance and etc. My only suggestion is to change your stock foc controller to an aftermarket FOC controller, but what’s the specs of your U series? Battery? Motor?. I’m sorry I don’t know about Software increase speed as what some of them are doing.

  24. Yes, I have the QRCode with the manual, all in Chinese 🙁
    when I try to insert the U + (new vehicle) the app comes back to me with the message that an authorization request will be sent to the owner, the owner being me, I don’t understand that! 🙁
    it was bought new, 0Km, I am the first owner, taken from the box … I don’t know if in China it may have been activated in some app already … but here in Brazil, I was the first to open the box 😉

    1. I think if the app says that, the serial number must have been inputed somewhere in China, maybe for testing or for export reasons. Maybe ask your seller to contact his supplier from China

  25. I would like to know too, i live in canada and it’s locked at 32 km

    I have the u1 Pro

  26. help!!!! Hi guys, Thank you for this group. I’m hoping you can help. I have an MPro i brought home from China (2017), and aside from not having an ECU (bummer), my ability to go to 2nd just stopped. I thought I’d be able to reset the bike and do the magic key dance, but since the magic key dance relies on going to 2nd, i’m out of luck. Does anyone have any advice??? maybe a different magic key dance??? advice hugely appreciated: going 17kph in los angeles is just painful!

    1. This sounds to me like your M dropped into its emergency mode (i.e. just 1st “gear”).
      Any Error displayed? You might ask an official dealer to check you MPro using his H1 device. There’s definitely something wrong within the system.

  27. Niu MQI+ Sport (2019): Can you enable the headlight, taillight and, if possible, the blinkers continuously when your key is not in the ignition key switch? This would be nice during night, when you have to get off the scooter to open a gate, while your scooter is in the middle of the street, and you want to avoid it being stolen and/or crashed by traffic.

    1. Mhh, it might depend on the local regulations but as for Germany, there’s a hazard-light switch below the “mode selector” (aka gear) button and the English manual says so, too (page 20).
      Not sure if it works with the ignition off, though.

    2. Press the middle (red logo) button on your key fob. It is used for finding your bike parked up as it will turn on all lights and indicators for approx 10 seconds. If you don’t press it again the alarm will sound for better location 😂. But it will give you light as you required parking at a a garage door etc.

  28. Happy to let you know the blinker sound mod works on MQI+ Sports. Speed patch up not successful.

  29. Hai,

    I have a Niu NQi Sport bought in Belgium. It is a model from 2019/2020. At first it was a model with max speed 45 km/h. I chose to let it be set at only 25 km/h. But now i like to increase it back again myself. Is this possible with this trick?

    1. Hey Anna,
      Did your dealer limit the max-speed? He should be able to reverse that (by replacing the controller I assume).
      There’s no (easy) way to do it yourself I’m afraid. Laws and such, you know 😉

  30. I found a little trick that gives extra power from standing still for like 15 a 30 seconds, it works best with full battery, only thing you have to do is give 2times fullpower very fast. Result will be rocket power to 35 a 37 (battery must be 80% or higher)
    Scooter of mine is niu n1s 30 kmpu.
    I am mot sure this will work for every one… But you try 😁

    1. Yes, that’s right. I did it once but I don’t know how.
      How does it work?
      Turn on the scooter, then accelerate twice quickly and then press the start button?

  31. Después de mi último actualización en enero de 2022, mi niu nqi gts pro ya no detecta los movimientos, la muevo y la muevo y no me envía notificación, antes de la actualización era super sensible, le colocaba la mano sobre ella y me notificaba, alguien más con este problema, los leo

  32. I can give 4000w to my n1s motor without problems. It requires 2 batteries in parallel and a 72182 programmable controller that is then set to 72 ampère. Only disadvantage is that this controller decreases power at 55 km/h and reaches max speed at around 60 km/h (wind against +2 persons) or 72 km/h alone and wind in the back.

  33. I have a niu mqi gt 125 of 2021, I have tried the procedure to change the sound of the arrows, and it works, for the speed we do not know anything yet, I have seen that you have to change the motherboard, is there a secret menu?

  34. Hi I bought Chinese version of niu mqi+sport and shipped to Europe is it possible to connect to gps or I have to change ecu SIM card

    1. I’m very interested in that too! 🙂 I have a U+ Sport from China and I have faith that I will still connect to the APP

  35. Hi guys, I have a NIU GT that I love, but I don’t like the three driving modes. I prefer the dynamic mode to the sport mode (too aggressive for me), but I would like to increase the speed limit of the dynamic mode slightly. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

    1. No, not officially. You will have to change your FOC controller… and thus break some laws and loose your warranty 😉

  36. Hello from Thailand !!
    I just got Gova 03 from Niu
    is it possible to unlock top speed of Gova 03??
    Thank you

    1. Sorry – as we’re concentrating on the EU/US market we don’t have a clue about the Gova models (what aren’t sold over here)

    2. Gova 3 owner here, there’s no hidden speed-up for Gova 3, mine can reach 68kph above the 60kph topspeed base on the NIU’s specification. You can have additional kph depends on your way/road and your body built.

      My turn to ask a question, can I fit a 90/90-10 tyres to Gova 3?

      1. Thanks for sharing you experience! I fear you’re the only Gova rider here at the moment… else, raise your hands Gova’nians!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

  37. Did this on at Niu M+ Sport that we bought back from China to Finland to drop the top speed of ca. 45km/h to legal limits here. It worked, maybe a little too well since gear 2 now goes to only 20km/h (25 would be ok afaik). Scooter was bought end of 2018 and is probably that year’s model.
    45 would be fine if I could register this as a moped, but don’t think it would pass inspection.

    1. We have the same model , brought mine to the Philippines and adjusted the speed for the opposite 🙂

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