In NIUs terms ECU means Electronic Control Unit and is the “brain” that controls one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems in your scooter (e.g. GPS & GPRS, alarm-system, etc.)

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    1. The ECU battery is inside the ECU itself… And should be charged by the main battery or batteries. It can take several hours… If it does not charge, you should see your dealer.

      1. Mine seems to charge but takes a few days consistent use. Can you be more specific on how it’s charged and why it always runs flat

  1. Hi there, my ECU battery is also empty and doesn’t charge properly even after an hour intensive ride. That said, the engine switched off suddenly and I couldn’t turn it on again as it switched off after 2 seconds again. Don’t know what the problem is, but the service of niu is poor and they guide me to a dealership. However, the dealers in Germany aren’t proper trained to deal with this issue. Any chance someone can help me here?

    1. 1st of all the ECU is not charged by riding (it’s not a dynamo ;-)) but through the main battery.
      2nd your description let me assume some more serious issue and seeing your dealer is the correct move.
      And 3rd the quality of the German dealership varies. My rule of thumb: if there are petrol scooters on sale, too, look for an alternative (if possible). They have years of experience in 2stroke etc.. But e-mobility is just their plan-b.
      Where are you located in Germany?

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