Does the N-GT make sense?

2 days until they start the pre-sales of the new model N-GT on Indiegogo where early birds get an 500€ discount (300€ for the M1+) and a stack of extras…

But personally I’m still a bit undecided about this model... being faster than the N1s it requires a higher grade drivers license (at least in Europe)  which is very close to a full blown motor-cycle license or even the same.

Ok, if you read through the comments at the end of this post, it shows that NIU did their research and the marktet for the N-GT is definitely there: Most mediterranean/southern countries of Europe have special driver-license and/od tax-rules (or holes ;-)) which makes the N-GT definitely a good choice.

The charm of the N1s was and still is that you can drive it with your normal car drivers license and the tax/insurance is next-to-nothing. And even is is small and a helmet hardly fits, the under-seat compartment is a useful thing in a city-scooter… and it is occupied by a 2nd battery in the N-GT [update: I learned that you can leave out the 2nd battery if you don’t need the extra range or speed]

So what is left? 20Km/h more than the N1s, wider range… does this justify the the higher price, especially for the driver license? And having invested 1000+€ for that license would you still stick to a 70Km/h ride?
I assume that NIU got this thought, too… late in the release process, because today I got an announcement email in my inbox wich rather casually mentions the “NPro“.. the what?! Here’s the (german) part telling about it:

It says:

Q: What is the NPro?

A: It what you’ve all been asking for!

The NPro is the same as the NGT but limited to 45km/h.
But it still has the 3000W motor.


Because you don’t need the expensive motorcycle driving license.

Yeah… but what is left over then? Wider range? Quicker acceleration… no under-seat compartment optional 2nd battery… and oh, that fancy “rainbow dashboard” (of which I’m also not quite convinced…).
So if I haven’t had a N1s already, I’d opt for the NPro… and yes, I do have an unlimited motorcycle drivers license.

So here you go… what do you think about the N-GT and the late NPro move?

23 thoughts on “Does the N-GT make sense?

  1. Niu ist meiner Meinung ungeschlagener Preis/Leistung Sieger.
    Der Niu NGT ist gerade wenn es um Reichweite geht unschlagbar.
    ca. Realreichweiten mit Standard Anzahl an Akkus bei 45 km/h:

    [Axel] I translate this as it’s a very valuable contribution, thanks Stefan!
    I my opinion NIU is unbeatable in a price-value ratio. The NGT is especially dominant when you’re looking at cruising range.
    Here are the real-world ranges with factory battery equipment at 45km/h:

    140 km Niu NGT 5,5 kW (4.200 Wh) 4.000€
    130 km Torrot Velocipedo 10kW (6.400 Wh) 7.300€
    105 km Nuuk 10,5 kW (4.800 Wh) 6.900€
    90 km Kumpan RI 7 kW (2.958 Wh) 7.100€
    85 km Schwalbe 8 kW (2 Akkus, 4.800 Wh) 7.330€
    75 km Niu M+ 1,2 kW (2.016 Wh) 2.300€
    61 km Niu N1S 2,4 kW (1.740 Wh) 2.700€
    60 km Nuuk 4 kW (2.400 Wh) 5.400€
    57 km Niu M Pro 1,2 kW (1.536 Wh) 2.300€
    51 km Torrot Muvi 2,65 kW (2.400 Wh) 4.800€
    46 km Kumpan 1953 2,5 kW (1.479 Wh) 3.300€
    45 km Kumpan RI 4 kW (1.479 Wh) 5.100€
    45 km UNU 2 kW (1.440 Wh) 2.300€
    43 km Schwalbe 4 kW (2.400 Wh) 5.730€
    40 km Etergo 2 kW (1.155 Wh) 3.400€
    35 km Niu U 0,8 kW (1.008 Wh) 1.800€

  2. I write for Italian market. People > 18 years with only a car licence (b) and without a motorbikes licence, can drive motorbikes till 11 kw (more or less a 125 cc). The target of potential buyers is correct. I ‘ve reserved NGT with indiegogo yesterday. Bye

    1. Very interesting, Ivan! This indeed makes the NGT a very interesting product for the Italian market.
      Looking forward for your first report when your NGT arrived 😉

    2. Yeah it’s true. I’m Italian, got my 125 cc driver license some years ago and the product perfectly fit my exigency!

  3. I think the point of the higher-end models like the NGT are to trick tech-savvy men like me who would normally go for the N1s into shelling out a bit more for something they don’t quite need.

    But also, you can’t take a 50km/h vehicle onto the highway in every European country, and the price/value rate like Stefan said can’t be beat.

  4. En España con carnet de coche con mas de 3 años de antigüedad puedo conducir motos hasta 125cc. Para mi laNGT tiene sentido .
    In Spain with car license with more than 3 years old I can drive motorcycles up to 125cc. For me the NGT makes sense.

    1. Hola Oscar,
      This sounds great… so it seems that the NGT is a perfect model for all you lucky mediterranean guys.
      But if global warming keeps developing like this, we’ll have at least the perfect weather soon, too. And the German coast will be somewhere around Hanover :-/

  5. Hallo,
    wann muß der Endbetrag gezahlt werden, der für einen vobestellten N-GT Vertrag anfällt? Mein Händler möchte jetzt schon die Betrag der Endsumme meines N-GT überwiesen haben.
    Ist das richtig so? Ich möchte den Roller erst einmal sehen, um zu schauen ob keine Beschädigungen an dem Roller sind. So weiß ich ja nicht einmal, wann der Roller geliefert wird und ich habe die volle Summe jetzt schon gezahlt.
    Wie soll oich mich verhalten?

    Herzliche Grüße

    1. Alexander, I’m sorry, I have no idea how the payment procedure for pre-orders of the N-GT is handled.
      I suggest asking NIU directly, maybe the nice NIU employees being members in our forum (Sieghart & Co).
      (BTW: This is an international community page, so it’ll be nice to keep your posts in english, so that everybody can profit from your experience)

    2. Nö, der Deal ist eindeutig, bei Abholung des Rollers muss ich bei meinem Händler in Wien bezahlen, wenn etwas nicht stimmt nehm ich ihn nicht 😛
      [Translated, Susi says: Nope, the deal is clear. You pay when pick it up at your dealer. If something’s not ok, I won’t take it.]

  6. just upgraded from a n1 2017, got my NGT today ♥
    driving feels a little bit different (might be less different to a 2018 model),
    but all in all: quite nice *kinda’ lightspeedish 😀
    nnniuuuuuuuuuuuuu …

    1. hey can you tell us what distances you cover with the ngt at various speeds ? I never trust numbers from constructors 🙂 Thanks !

    1. Ok, so it’s clear that it’s working for most European markets.
      How are the limits in the UK when driving with a car drivers-license?

  7. I’m waiting for mine too, booked on indiegogo, I’ve seen on YouTube umboxing, I want to see it running on the street

  8. Hi !

    For me the NGT makes sense because in France if you have had your driving licence before 2013 you can drive a 125cc without paying an upgraded licence.
    I need to drive on a 80km/h limited road, so a 50cc is too dangerous for me.
    But also the 70km/h of the NGT is not enough…
    So I’ve still not taken my decision :
    Buying a NGT and waiting a hack to increase speed or buying an ECOOTER E1-R (85km/h)

    1. Salut Chris!
      Yeah, according to the comments from all the “relaxed countries(tm)” the N-GT seems to just perfect for the mediterranean/southern countries of Europe.
      I wish that rule about having your car drivers license before 2013 would have been made an European law 🙁

  9. Hi Axel,
    This “before 2013 rule” is specific to France, due to a government mistake on driving licences.

  10. Hi,
    where (or how) did you learn, that one can leave out the 2nd battery below the seat?

    1. From a NIU employee saying: “For both models it’s not required to have both batteries installed (only for the NGT to get to its top speed of 70km/h it is) So if you prefer under seat space above range, there you go!”

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