Should I buy NIU stock?

In case you haven’t heard NIU filed its initial public offering in the U.S on October 19th for a $150 million – starting at $6.85 it’s at roughly $9 as of writing. Many of you fellow NIU riders are probably asking yourself: Should I buy NIU stocks, get a share from what I like to ride?

For an electric scooter manufacturer, NIU came a long way (well, 4yrs is considered long here). You can read about their early manufacturing years here and here if you’re in the mood for some history.

So, will NIU the next Tesla or Apple? Like Tesla, NIU still operates at a net loss. But its net loss margin narrowed from 65.6 percent in 2016 to 24 percent last year, or 184.7 million yuan ($27.9 million), according to NIU’s prospectus.

While Chinese sales figures were declining a bit this year, Europe doubled in 2018…

So, let’s talk about it… will you buy? Wait? Watch? Post your comment!

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