Driving in Wintertime?

Ok, this is not a usual post… it’s more a kickstart for a thread which more or less affects all of us: Wintertime! It’s getting cold, slippery and wet – personally I’m still trying to use my N1s as much as possible but I do take my battery inside with me if I have to leave it longer than 10mins outside (<5°C).
So do you still ride your trusty NIU? And if yes, what are you doing to e.g.

  • how to keep the cold off the battery?
  • and/or yourself?
  • Are you changing to winter-tires?
  • any consumption changes?
  • any experiences with degraded power?

Share your wintertime experience down in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Driving in Wintertime?

  1. My niu battery has been going down a bit quicker and not going quite as far on a charge. The temperature has just dropped to maybe around 7-9 degrees. Is this why? Or is there another problem?
    I checked the tyres and they’re pumped up.

  2. Hi NIU Owners,
    I had to Bring My Batteries in for this December 2020 Snow Storm here in NIU YORK CITY, BRONX, N.Y. – USA
    and Since I do not have a Garage or Ramp to my Home, My NIU NQiGT Pro is Parked under my Metal Canopy attach to my home in my back yard chained to my gate then the gate has a Chain and Lock too. Because with the NIU Tires I have I do not trust them in this weather and do not want my Batteries to get damaged. Plus + it hard to get Michelin Grip and Grip 2 Tire here in the US for my NIU Tire Size: 90/90/12 or 120/90/12
    Visit Facebook: NIU Crew for Pictures since no option here to post pictures.
    Happy Holidays and Safe Riding all.

    1. Hey Adrian,
      Wow, you’re a though guy πŸ˜‰ As for driving in winter times I can warmly recommend the ‘K58 Snowtex’ from Heidenau (Front: 90×90-12/Back: 120/70-12).
      The ride will get a bit rough, but there’s nothing better than this in ice & snow.
      There are some dealers in the US, you might try contacting them https://www.heidenautires.com/find-a-dealer/

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