That’s probably the #1 question people ask. Officially, no, there’s no way to make your NIU running faster – the EU model is limited to 45km/h (or even 25km/h) which is the EU law for this kind of vehicles.

That said, the motor and battery are definitely capable of delivering higher speeds. Some videos from China prove, that this is possible. Have a look at those videos here or here. Obviously driving faster will drain the battery faster, too.
What they do is using a 2nd, aftermarket motor-controller in parallel to the original one. Here’s the post about this tuning.

Depending on your NIU model, you might give these eastereggs/hacks a try… more recent 2017 N1s models won’t change their limit with these.

I think you can imagine yourself that you would void your warranty as well as risking to get into serious trouble with your local police/insurance in case of an accident.

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  • How about an MQI GT ?
    In NL it is sold as 45km/h and 70km/h versions.
    How is this achieved ? with a second controller I’d have to replace/hack or is it just a software/firmware setting ?

  • So I’m living in Shanghai, China – Home of the Niu. here you can go to most Niu dealers and they’ll help you remove any speed limitations on your model by installing a secondary controller ( i say most because one i went to refused to do it, I’m guessing he didn’t want to risk losing his Niu credentials or something?). I’m driving an M+ pro and if i put it up on the stand it reaches around 109 km/h, when it’s actually faced with some friction of on-road driving, plus my weight (around 70kg), it will do around 75-85km/h. But a couple of notes:
    1) It takes longer to get from 50 to 70km/h than it does to get from 0-50 km/h.
    2) Battery health is heavily impacted due to the extra strain.
    3) Probably goes without saying but more speed means less range, much less.
    4) When you reach around 60/70% battery charge, the M+ will only do around 64km/h (i say only but thats still faster then most other scooters go with 100% battery)

  • What about the Niu M+ Lite EU 2019. Does anyone know of any hack to make this model go faster than 25 km/h? Mine is not even doing 25 km/h.. 🙂

  • Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to unlock NIU N-PRO (NGT limited 45km/h)

    • Have you checked Alibaba and the other usual suspects for 2nd controllers? Theoretically it should be the same procedure like the N1s…

      • Thanks for your answer, I will surely check.
        If you have any link or tutorial I appreciate a lot if you can share.
        I am really newbe in this 🙂
        Thanks in advance.

        • Yes you can buy a motherboard for the NIU Pro, but it requires a bigger motherboard. Escootparts.nl
          [Comment by MyNiu: This shop is yet unapproved, their page does no feature a real address or names of owners. Their contact email looks at least strange – so be careful about fake-shops!]

  • Just got my NIU N1S 25km but not very satisfied with the low speed. Has there been any update about running faster this model?

    • Hi Barry,
      I own an M+ Sport (25km) and looking to have the upgrade done, but not sure what the effects are. Can you answer below questions please?
      1. does it still record the km distances correctly, in the App
      2. is the exact speed correctly indicated on the dashboard
      3. does it also accellerate better from e.g. 15km
      4. how much does it affect the mileage
      5. does it void the warranty?
      6, how much did it cost you?
      Thanks in advance.

  • I just need to make mine go 35 kmph in stead of the current 30 kmph.
    Just need to go a bit faster than the e-bikes.
    Isn’t there a way to change some software parameters ?

    • Ciao Giovanni, welcome on board! For staying up-to-date I’d suggest following the thread in or forum.

    • I’m not quite sure which post you mean, but the one about making the NIU faster is linked in the FAQ, saying “Here’s the post about this tuning.” – Well, and it’s very prominently featured on the top of the homepage.

  • I agree, I think all manufacturers will have to comply to EU law, which will restrict the use of speed delimiters set by OEM. This is probably related to emission related obligations. Sever penalties will be enforced to dealers and OEM if they don’t follow these rules.

    • Hey Novum,
      That’s the point. So dealers/importers have no interest in such “feature” risking to loose their status/license.
      As an owner it’s the same thing as with petrol scooters. You’re going beyond the type approval thus loosing it and you’ll get in trouble with your insurance of course. Not to mention the police/law 😉
      So it’s the same as it is since the 70s: The tortoise and hare game.
      As written earlier, I’m working a post about how this can be done technically. Just for informational reasons… >:-)

  • Following your conversation, just wondering if there is any progress on removing spseedlimit for 25 Km/h model?

    • Not that I know of. That said, I hadn’t had the chance to check the 2018 N1s 25Km/h model.
      These do have the indicator sounds (like the M1), but I’m pretty sure that the European importers are forced to remove everything in the firmware which is against EU laws :-/

  • Will this also be possible with the M1pro the same way as N1S? Because of the OTA Upgrade Thing… :/

    • As far as we know, the “Hack” or Easteregg is not working for the EU N1S models… and if I remember correctly, the M1Pro as being sold inside the EU as the same (soft) limit at 45km/h as the N1S.
      That said, OTA Upgrade is a very good point… that can spoil your modification-fun at any given time 🙁

      • That´s right, i already tried the Easteregg Thing on my M1pro..only the Light Sound Change works..

        But what i ment is to change the parameters of the BMS and the Controller to make it faster. As for as i know, the Controller talks to a RS485 Bus, which i could connect to my pc. But the problem is the software to change the parameters :/

        • Unfortunately it’s not just adjusting the BMS. The motor controller needs to be capable to handle more juice (as well as the battery).
          I’m currently writing on a post explaining all this and how ‘they’ make their NIU run faster… stay tuned.

  • Battery management circuitry is in the battery container. It is the motor controller that has to be reprogrammed, namely the rotation speed of the actuator field.

    • Karl, thanks for the clarification! Does the motor controller sit inside the motor or is it placed externally?
      Does it talk to some bus like the RS485? (You do know where this is going, don’t you ;-))

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