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Q: Can I import/bring my NIU from China into Europe?

A: It shows that there are quite some NIU owners, who like to bring their beloved scooter with them to Europe (or even the US).
There are two obstacles (besides shipping):

  • Get it registered (You’ll need an CoC)
  • Use the software (i.e. App)

The CoC is provided by the official importer of your country. You might either ask them, or you’re lucky to find somebody at the NIU mothership who’s willing to help you. Without a CoC, riding your NIU in Europe is illegal.

Concerning the software MyNIU.org reader Agus shared this valuable info on this (thanks, man!):

I have an updated info -anyway- for every body here (I have just received this info from NIU; therefore this is official):
The app for NIU scooters that have been bought in China and then shipped to Europe (privately) by their owners will not work (this does not apply to the ones that have been directly bought in Europe from official importers).
I mean: for instance, if you are in China and are using a NIU scooter there, DON’T TAKE IT TO EUROPE; SELL YOUR SCOOTER BEFORE LEAVING CHINA; in Europe the app will not work.

It would be the same, if someone in Europe, wants to sell any scooter to you that was previously bought in China, not in Europe.

In other words: if the scooter was bought in China, and then shipped to Europe, you will be able to use the scooter for going anywhere (no problem for that), but the scooter’s electronic components (which are made only for China) will not allow you to use the app (you will have to forget -for instance- about the GPS function). The app will not be able to get connected with the scooter.


The problem is… that the price of NIU Scooter’s in Europe is approximately 3 times more expensive than the original price of these Scooters in China…


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    Yes, technically there is a way… given it is street-legal in your country to have a child riding along with you.

    There’s a special child-seat for motor/electric scooters available: The Stamatakis Maxi seat is especially made for scooters and motorcycles and perfectly fits the N1s saddle.
    4 loops are used to fixate the seat to the saddle: One below the saddle itself, one around the front of the seat-compartment and two can be looped through the handlebars in the back.

    My daughter (aged 6) is just able to reach the foot-rests. Smaller children can use the supplied foot-slings which come with the Stamatakis.

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  • Is this seat still available? I am looking at e-scooter options in Nepal, and am also looking for child friendly options. This looks fantastic, and would sway me to the Niu brand, rather than other.

    • While the seat is generally still available at many online-stores I’m not sure if any of those ships to Nepal…

  • I just wanted to say that I appreciate your post! I am actually an American living in China, so I am not part of your site’s target audience, but finding English information is still helpful for me. I am preparing to purchase a Niu scooter and I have been looking at child seat options for my 2.5 year old toddler. Since child seats in general are not widely used in China, the scooter options are very limited, and this is by far the best option I have seen and the best looking. Thank you for sharing!

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    A: Straight away: The App offered for all non-Chinese owners is a piece of crap – and ages old. The app got constant update cycles and is en-par with the Chinese version now. Like every piece of software, it’s not bug free, but I’d say it’s stable.

    Make sure you d/l the latest version – if you’re experiencing problems (registration etc.) the first thing is patience. Sometimes it takes a day until something found its way though the systems. If waiting didn’t help, it’s time to see your dealer.

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  • I have the same problem. ‘No Past Routes available’. Worked seamlessly until recently.

  • [Original in French, translated to English because we’re an international community and hope to help or get help from users all over the wolrd…]
    Hello, For the past few days, I haven’t been able to see “the previous routes” on the smartphone even though it worked well last week. The message says: No previous route available!! I specify that on the display of the NIU NGT the GPS and GSM function works well. Thank you for helping me.

  • hello, I write from Italy. I have the model 2018 … everything is ok, everything works (gps and app) but how do I set a clock? !!!

    • A driver told me its clock updated within the last firmware ota but I never succeded to perform it, on the other hand even if my firmware is still old few days ago I noticed my dash clock miraculously updated itself. The mistery of NIU…

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    When new to the whole eScooter world, this is one of the first questions… and here’s a full post about the companies background.

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    First of all: Since the launch of their different models (~2016), NIU tend to rename their (sub)models every now and then. So depending on the year of delivery the same model might have a slightly different name which can get pretty confusing. Let’s take the model N as an example:

    Starting in China as “N1 civic” it became the “N1” after Honda claimed civic as their brand, which is the same as the “N1s” in Europe (+extra specs for ‘oversea’, ~2017). Then in 2018 it became the “N1 sport” and after the latest renaming in 2019 all models lost its “1” and got a “Qi” so its now called the “NQi Sport”- Phew.

    Because all this seems to be an ever-moving target, I moved this FAQ entry into a fullblown post over here.

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  • i drive an ns1 pro. which i like very much for driving around town, but unfortunately
    my main use is to comment between cities that are 45km apart. for that the pro is a little slow, 60km/hr is just too slow, plus after a few months, the top speed decreases i had my pro for almost a year and i can only get up to 54, 57 depending on the weather and road conditions now. i use 2 battery which allow me a range of about 120km at full speed. that 140km range is great if your are disabled but no-one drive at 20km/hr, even a bicycle goes faster than that. the range on one battery is about 70km if you don’t go at full speed. in the winter forget it’s half of that, even though the battery are claimed to not be affected by the cold. beside the way i use my niu, its a great toy for playing around the city in heavy traffic for short distances.
    my question which i hope someone can answer is; when is the niu gtx or project x going to be for sell in china where i live? those are really the model that i need. i was one of the first to test drive the first niu ns1 in china when they came out and recommended to enlarge the compartment to fit a second battery. I’m willing to test drive the gtx and project x, here in hainan where i live.

    • Hi there,
      First off, I officially welcome you as the 1st Chinese reader who stepped into the light posting a comment – we feel honoured to that you found your way here 😉
      That said, because you’re lucky to live in the homeland of NIU and even speak Chinese (vs us helpless Europeans), you’re in a much better position than us to get more information about the GTX’s release… and if you do, we would be happy to hear back form you. Maybe in the forum?

      • Hello, I am also in China, but much more north than thierry pardon. I drive an N1s and get a top speed of 53 km/h , but that is short lived and on average I am in the 45-47 km/h range. The winters here in Beijing are cold, but nothing like my home country of Canada. I commute 20km to and from work (40km round trip) 5 days a week in all weather and seasons. The coldest months I can use up to 50% of my battery one way and in the hottest times no more than 35%. I have an average of 80km range driving agressively. I believe that the Beijing municple government is moving to ban electric scooters in 2020/2021 as there are too many accidents involving scooters. The blame is shared equally with vehicle drivers and scooter drivers. The level of impunity by drivers and high risk (running red lights/weaving in traffic) driving by scooter drivers has contributed to this decision. I doubt it will be enforcable, but if traffic violations/licencing of all vehicle/ENFORCEMENT was introduced, it is likley that the roads here would be safer and that scooters especially electric scooters would find more respect and they dont directly pollute.

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