Q: Can I import/bring my NIU from China into Europe?

A: It shows that there are quite some NIU owners, who like to bring their beloved scooter with them to Europe (or even the US).
There are two obstacles (besides shipping):

  • Get it registered (You’ll need an CoC)
  • Use the software (i.e. App)

The CoC is provided by the official importer of your country. You might either ask them, or you’re lucky to find somebody at the NIU mothership who’s willing to help you. Without a CoC, riding your NIU in Europe is illegal.

Concerning the software MyNIU.org reader Agus shared this valuable info on this (thanks, man!):

I have an updated info -anyway- for every body here (I have just received this info from NIU; therefore this is official):
The app for NIU scooters that have been bought in China and then shipped to Europe (privately) by their owners will not work (this does not apply to the ones that have been directly bought in Europe from official importers).
I mean: for instance, if you are in China and are using a NIU scooter there, DON’T TAKE IT TO EUROPE; SELL YOUR SCOOTER BEFORE LEAVING CHINA; in Europe the app will not work.

It would be the same, if someone in Europe, wants to sell any scooter to you that was previously bought in China, not in Europe.

In other words: if the scooter was bought in China, and then shipped to Europe, you will be able to use the scooter for going anywhere (no problem for that), but the scooter’s electronic components (which are made only for China) will not allow you to use the app (you will have to forget -for instance- about the GPS function). The app will not be able to get connected with the scooter.


The problem is… that the price of NIU Scooter’s in Europe is approximately 3 times more expensive than the original price of these Scooters in China…


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