A: Straight away: The App offered for all non-Chinese owners is a piece of crap – and ages old. The app got constant update cycles and is en-par with the Chinese version now. Like every piece of software, it’s not bug free, but I’d say it’s stable.

Make sure you d/l the latest version – if you’re experiencing problems (registration etc.) the first thing is patience. Sometimes it takes a day until something found its way though the systems. If waiting didn’t help, it’s time to see your dealer.

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  • I have the same problem. ‘No Past Routes available’. Worked seamlessly until recently.

  • [Original in French, translated to English because we’re an international community and hope to help or get help from users all over the wolrd…]
    Hello, For the past few days, I haven’t been able to see “the previous routes” on the smartphone even though it worked well last week. The message says: No previous route available!! I specify that on the display of the NIU NGT the GPS and GSM function works well. Thank you for helping me.

  • hello, I write from Italy. I have the model 2018 … everything is ok, everything works (gps and app) but how do I set a clock? !!!

    • A driver told me its clock updated within the last firmware ota but I never succeded to perform it, on the other hand even if my firmware is still old few days ago I noticed my dash clock miraculously updated itself. The mistery of NIU…

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