Yes, technically there is a way… given it is street-legal in your country to have a child riding along with you.

There’s a special child-seat for motor/electric scooters available: The Stamatakis Maxi seat is especially made for scooters and motorcycles and perfectly fits the N1s saddle.
4 loops are used to fixate the seat to the saddle: One below the saddle itself, one around the front of the seat-compartment and two can be looped through the handlebars in the back.

My daughter (aged 6) is just able to reach the foot-rests. Smaller children can use the supplied foot-slings which come with the Stamatakis.

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  • Is this seat still available? I am looking at e-scooter options in Nepal, and am also looking for child friendly options. This looks fantastic, and would sway me to the Niu brand, rather than other.

    • While the seat is generally still available at many online-stores I’m not sure if any of those ships to Nepal…

  • I just wanted to say that I appreciate your post! I am actually an American living in China, so I am not part of your site’s target audience, but finding English information is still helpful for me. I am preparing to purchase a Niu scooter and I have been looking at child seat options for my 2.5 year old toddler. Since child seats in general are not widely used in China, the scooter options are very limited, and this is by far the best option I have seen and the best looking. Thank you for sharing!

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