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Q: Are there different versions of ‘firmwares’ available for my NIU and what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages?

A: Yes, definitely, there are several known software revisions around – all undocumented.

Here’s what we know so far (gathered by users all over the world), columns filled with data where available…

  • You’ll get the software revision from the App, it seems it always claims to be “latest version”
  • The “ECUKRS” version name hints towards the official Austrian importer KSR, maybe tweaked by them
  • Official dealers have a tool to update your firmware. If you have severe issues, it’s worth a try. That said, you might loose other nice features as it seems the newer releases are ‘tamed’ a bit.
Model Updated through Version V-Max emergency operation at comments
N1s 2017 controller update & OTA ECUKSR1.3 (Nov 17) 47km/h 15% + smoother starting

– less lively

N1s 2017 dealer TRA01V08
N1s 2017 TRA01V04 ~53km/h 20%
N1s 2017 TRA01V06 ~53km/h 20% – sporadic amperage display failure
 N1s 2017 TRA01V14  ~53km/h
N1s 2017  TRA01C02  ~49km/h

If you have a revision to be added, come and join the forum – there’s a special thread for this 😉

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  • Additional comment concerning changes between TRA01C03 and TRA01C10 : The scooter does automatic recubation when the speed exceeds 50km/h downhill (it slows down). I did not see this behavoiur with the TRA01C03.

  • There is a mistake in my first comment: emergency Operation limit for TRA01C03 is 10%. The 77% is the battery level i needed to do the upgrade to the TRA01C10 FW version….

  • I got my N1S 2018 shipped with TRA01C03:
    Vmax = 51km/h (downhill more)
    Emergency Operation at 77%, maybe 70% (67% was not enough and the upgrade did not start!)
    I did the updgrade to TRA01C10 today:
    Vmax = 50km/h
    Emergency operation not yet tested.
    Clock works now. contact to app seems more stable. It is now possible to disable GPS.

  • Well… please… is there any place where I can download that software…?
    I am very interested on that…
    Yes… I know… only official dealers can do that…
    But… I repeat again :)… is there -do you know- any place where I can download the software?…


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    The NIU N1s’ main controller normally called ECU (hidden inside/behind the front panel) has an LED, and if it blinks, that’s a message 😉
    Here are the blink codes:

    • 1 Over-Voltage warning
      Battery voltage is higher than default value
    • 2 Under-Voltage warning
      Battery voltage is lower than default value
    • 3 Over-Current warning
      Instant current is higher than default value or Phase line short circuit
    • 4 Locked-rotor warning
      Duration of Motor in locked-rotor status longer than default value
      Replace FOC controller
    • 5 HALL failure
      Incorrect HALL input(Voltage) detected
      Replace Motor
    • 6 MOSFET failure
      MOSFET power self-check failed
      Replace FOC controller
    • 7 Phase default warning
      one or more of motor phase lines missing
      Replace Motor
    • 9 Brake applied
      Controller in the braking status
    • 10 Self-test failure
      System on the internal electrical self-checking found abnormal
    • 11 Controller over-heat warning
      Temperature is higher than default value
      Stop riding until FOC controller cool down
    • 14 Cable Hall Sensor Failure
      Twist grip/Cable Hall Sensor Malfunction
    • 15 Alarm in active state
      Alarm activated
    • 17 Communication failure
      Communication between ECU and FOC controller failed
      Replace FOC controller
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  • Are the codes different between the models? I sometimes get short failure code 12 on my N-sport and that should be FOC overcurrent warning.

    • Check your App, it offers Error-Code translation now!
      Change to the “Me” page and it will offer “Error Codes” under Services… and yes, 12 means overcurrent.
      Not good! Go see your dealer ASAP – the dashboard I’ve dissected showed clear signs of overcurrent through the CAN bus. I was told that the whole scooter behaved like cursed, i.e. all controllers were affected.

  • i have lingbo controller and it can’t use battery when i connecting battery the led always blinking and doesn’t stop i’m trying change another lingbo controller and still the same anyone know?

    • I haven’t seen the blinking myself, yet. But I assume it’s like with every blink-code: There’s a longer pause at the end of the code before it repeats.

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    For the European market NIU chose the well-known Swiss manufacturer of ready-to-use GPS modules: u-blox.

    A press release  of u-blox reveals that they use the standalone GNSS‑Modul MAX‑7Q, which is using a Multi‑GNSS technology (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS und SBAS), making sure that tracking will work in any part of the world, at any time, independent from a single satellite system.

    Category: Control Modules
  • the u-box with gps is very unliable. It seems there is a lot of interference at the manufactured poaition. (Vertical under front steer) everything in the front, with all the wires causes a lot of interference. Even the gps antenna isnt that good.
    So i ordered one online. And placed it under the buddy seat.. now even insode a building i gave gps signal so happe after all

    • Very nice hack! So did you open the ECU? New cables pulled from the front towards the seat-compartment?
      Pictures would be very interesting (hint, hint 😉 )

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