Q: What brands of tires had successfully mounted onto a N1s?

A: Owners reported these tires to be “compatible”, i.e. tested on their NIU:

For the record, these are the required sizes
Front: 90/90-12 Rim: 2.15×12
Back: 120/70-12 Rim: 3.50×12

  • Recommended for bad weather: Heidenau K58 mod. Snowtex
  • [have your tire listed here]

If you’ve mounted any other brand, feel free to share your experience in the comments (which then will be added to this FAQ). Thanks!

Category: Replacements
Tag: tires
  • actually have pirelly angel scotter front 90/90-10 and Michelin City Grip 120/70-10 used around 9000km amd had the first flat on boths, plan to change back because feel michelin city slippery so much in wet conditions

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