Hacking the NIU

To make it quick, this is just a heads-up about a “Hacking the NIU” presentation held by Nikias Bassen at JD-HITBSecConf back in 2018… just in case you missed it (like me 😉 )

In there you’ll find many interesting and very nerdy reverse engineerings findings like

  • the communication between your NIU scooter and NIUs servers
  • what happens during firmware updates
  • the App internals
  • how a firmware binary looks (no, it’s not deciphered yet)
  • the mention of our own post making the NIU faster (We feel honoured <3 )

So if you feel skilled enough or just curious, get the presentation PDF here and dive into the Matrix 😛
[FYI: If you’re a programmer and need something to play with, there’s a NIU comms-API already available at GitHub]

Additionally, I did some reverse-engineering myself doing a tear-down of my broken dashboard as well as a dump of the firmware of a 2nd generation dashboard.

If you have already found something similar or beyond what’s been presented we’d be happy to read about it down in the comments…

Happy hacking, NIU gang!

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