EICMA 2019

Are you curious? Well, I am… let’s see what will unveiled at EICMA 2019 in Milan these days… “Something NIU is coming”, mhh, what could that mean. New models joining the previous ones or ‘just’ the new flagship stores in London/UK and Bremen/Germany?

Twitter has a vid of the the opening:

Ok, there are new models, well updates… and an E-Bike!

Qi – let the energy flow

The N and M series got an overhaul… NIU added a “Qi” to the name and what else? Let’s have a look:

The N-Qi-GTS, NQiGTS (or whatever way it’s correctly written – it’s definitely a long name) offers a VMax of 70km/h and a range of 70-150km. That’s a bit less than the current “N-GT” model (95-170km) so I instantly thought the Qi might use just one battery vs. the two used in the 2019 N-GT, but NIU says.
“The 4th generation of revolutionary battery technology – NIU Energy™, with a leading dual-battery system, offers a worry-free riding experience.”
Currently there’s not much more detail beyond the use of larger 14-in wheels, a upgraded suspension and and a “upgraded V35 Cloud ECU that unlocks more new technologies“. But I’m sure more news will tickle through the web and I will add them here as they pop up.

Can you spot a difference to the 2019 N-GT?

Then there’s the “Qi’ed” model M-GT. This is a real new design! The MQiGT is supposed to also reach 70km/h (which is another  novelty!) and a promoted range of 55 to 95 kilometers. Look at this… a totally different look than the original M1/M+!
It’s a two-seater like the M+ but the chassis is much closer to the model N look:

Just because it so much different, here’s a 2nd piccy – it’s very like “Honey, I shrunk the N!”:

The light Model U also got it’s Qi overhaul… UQiGT: Vmax 45km/h, range of 50 to 85 kilometers. Nothing beyond this is known to me yet.

There’s a NIU sub-brand in town…

NIU Aero… mhh, no, there aren’t any aviation plans (yet). NIU says “NIU AERO packs intelligent technology, aerodynamics, lightweight and ergonomics as key features to create a new generation of electric bicycle and sports bicycle: positioning NIU within the accumulation of technologies such as vehicle intelligence and human-vehicle interconnection” – tldr; We now make eBikes, too.
So here’s the first Aero baby, the EB-1:

Marketing says:
The brand-new EB-01 is a further improvement on the traditional E-bike. With a large-capacity battery, the cruising autonomy has been improved significantly, making it possible to zip freely around streets and cruise down main roads. The three riding modes can perfectly meet your flexible travel needs. Combined with the large diameter wheels and wide tire design, the high-intensity shock absorption system allows the rider to comfortably ride on all kinds of complex roads for longer periods. The integrated headlights provide a safer riding experience, while the new App can bring you more pleasurable and fun experience whilst on the road.

No tech-details are available yet besides

  • a promised 60-150km range (depending on used mode)
  • typical pedelec Vmax of 25km/h.
  • 250W hub-motor from Bafang
  • removeable 48 Volt battery, 21 Ah

Like known from the N,M,U-Series the EB-1 comes with GPS/Data-connection so theft protection, vehicle diagnosis, dash-cam etc. are possible through the App.
Looking at the fotos, the bike looks bold and heavy. The front- and back-wheel suspension should compensate the weight on bad roads… but that all will be proven when the EB-1 will be shipped. Early 2020, in selected countries, no price known.

Project-X anyone?

At EICMA 2019 NIU presented the mighty Project-X…. any body heard about it since then? Just askin’…

My conclusion so far

Whatever you think about the updates, upgrades and new products, it’s great that NIU keeps the pace, polishes existing models and enters new product fields.
Personally I was really surprised by the MQiGT because it’s a new design – As for the N-Series, I’m not yet convinced that there’s a real difference. But I’m sure time will tell (or the nice people of NIU ;-))

What were your expectations/predictions/crazy visions? Share your thoughts below…


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