What NIU models are out there?

First of all: This post has been an FAQ entry from day one of MyNIU.org. But since the launch of the first NIU models (~2015), NIU developed a tendency to rename their (sub)models every now and then. So depending on the year of delivery a technically identical model might have a slightly different name which can get very confusing. For example let’s take a look at the model N:

  • Starting in China as “N1 civic” it became the “N1” after Honda claimed civic as their brand, which is the same as the “N1s” in Europe (+extra specs for ‘oversea’, ~2017).
  • Then in 2018 it became the “N1 sport”
  • in 2019 all models lost the “1” and got a “Qi” so they were called the “NQi Sport”
  • 2021/22 the “lite” models became “standard range” and “sport” were now called “extended range”

Currently there are 3 main NIU models available outside China, the N, M and the U-Series.
But due to that naming jumble there’s quite a confusion when looking into articles, blogs or online-stores which is what.
The below table might also help, if you’re planning to buy a used model and need to sort that into the current line/specs.


The current ‘overseas’ NIU model range grew quickly to these (2022):
If the price is strike through, they’re End-of-Life.

Model Range (km) Vmax (km/h) Battery (Ah) Motor/ max W Retail price in Europe
NQi Lite * 56 45 26 1800 2299€
NQi Sport (ext. Range) 50/70 45 26/35 1800 2,699-3399€
NQi Pro 100+ 45 2×35 3000 4499€
NQi GT 100+ 70 2×35 3500 4499€
NQi GT/S (ext. Range) 90/115 70 2×26(35) 3100 3.999-4.999€
NQi Cargo ** 60 45 29 2400 3199
NQi Cargo XR 100+ 45 2×35 3000 4499
MQi-S 51 45 26 800 2299€
MQi-Pro 58 45 32 1200 2599€
MQi+ (ext. Range) 55/65 45 31/42 1200 2,299-2,899€
MQi GT 70 45/70 2×42 3000 3,699€
MQi GT EVO 75 100 2×26 5000W 4,999€
UQi Pro 35 45 21 1200 1799
UQi GT (extl. Range) 50/60 45 31/42 1500 2,449-2,899€
EUB-01 *** 60+ 25 21 250 coming 2022

* The “lite” model does not offer Panasonic 18650 battery cells but ones made by “EVE” an is available in black or white only.
** Cargo models are modified NQi Sport/Pro featuring a big luggage rack, bumpers around the chassis and having a one-seater bench. They’re not available on the webpage anymore – your dealer might still get/offer it though.
*** EB-01 is an eBike/pedelec not really a scooter

Limited Editions

Once a while NIU’s celebrating some milestone by offering a limited edition, mostly some special color and a decal.
As of today, there were 2 official limited models available (the “limited number” is about 500): “1 Billion Edition” (2017)

A matte black N1S (which wasn’t part of the normal color palette back then) with yellow “” decals below the footrest on both sides as well as a black-on-black badge on the back side-panels. “Blue Billion Limited Edition” (2019)

A special tint of blue NQi Sport (also not available for standard models) – decals at both sides and the front saying
Running onroad km, #1 selling” (Some dealers offer this model without the decals, not sure if NIU did that by intention.
Comes with a equally blue painted 29 liters topcase.


Obviously China has the biggest selection of models – so the N is/was available in 4 variations:

N, M, U and UM. To be honest, I lost track on what’s going on there. In 2017 the range looked like this

Model Range Retail price in China
NQi Lite 80km RMB 5699 / 740€
NQi City 100km RMB 6199 / 805€
NQi Sport 120km RMB 7199 / 935€
NQi Pro 140km RMB 10499 / 1365€

The M1 also has several versions:

Model Range Retail price in China
MQi+ Lite 45km RMB 4999/ 657€
MQi+ City 70km RMB 5899/ 775€
MQi+ Sport 90km RMB 6699/ 880€
MQi+ Pro 110km RMB 8999 / 1182€

…and finally, there’s the model U

Model Range Battery Retail price in China
UQi Lite 40km Chinese RMB 3419 / 450€
UQi City 50km Chinese RMB 3999 / 535€
UQI Sport 60km LG/Panasonic RMB 4599 / 605€

While the the diversity of models is already surprising had been caught-up by the ‘overseas markets’, the price difference do knock Europeans off their socks… in average these are a quarter(!) of what you pay over here.

Not for overseas use, please.

The model UM is specifically designed for the Chinese market and has a post of its own here. It’s still somewhat close to the Model U design but has some ‘cost optimized’ design changes…

Talking about cost optimizing: In their own turf NIU seems to start feeling the heat. Price-War is on. Big time! Additionally China introduced stricter regulations on e-bikes and e-scooters in 2019 – So NIU released what I’d call a sub-brand: The GOVA series (by NIU technologies)

Compared to the NIU design-language as we know it, these three e-scooter models do differ. Besides the use of lithium batteries, they do look and feel a bit different than the “standard NIU models”… but that could well be done by intention: It’s all about low prices and the currently only known price of G1 is indeed astonishing!

  • Urban Edition: 48V14Ah lithium iron phosphate, retail price 2999 yuan (390€)
  • Performance Edition: 48V16Ah ternary lithium battery, retail price 3599 yuan (470€)
  • Top Edition: 48V20Ah ternary lithium battery, retail price of 3,999 yuan (520€)

Prices of G3 and G5 weren’t communicated. What’s obvious is that all the fancy features like GPS, GSM etc. will most likely be missing in the GOVA line.

The G1 does not look that bad – look: A chain and pedals! And still: Less flimsy than the UM!

AERO bicycles

In Apr 12, 2019 the news had it like this “The company today also launched its new lifestyle category NIU AERO, featuring high-performance sports bicycles with the spirit of “BEYOND SPEED”. NIU AERO includes professional mountain bikes and road bikes, offering a rich set of options for bicycle enthusiasts. Cycling is consistently gaining popularity because it represents a healthy and positive attitude, especially in metropolitan areas. NIU AERO bicycles incorporate the same design concepts that make the Company’s scooters wildly popular: lightweight yet strong, integration of aerodynamics and ergonomics, and smart connectivity. NIU AERO intends to make the cycling experience more delightful than ever.

The NIU AEROs are also China-Only… We’ll see if they will dare to enter the already suicidal European bicycle market.


Ok, to be fair, NIU has quite a high product output so every now and then, they present, well, prototypes. They’re not explicitly calling them prototypes and even sometimes talk about possible release dates etc… but in the end they were mostly technology-carriers.

The Model-X

Yes – it was the thing at EICMA 2018… and never heard about it again.

19 thoughts on “What NIU models are out there?

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Eduard!
      Funny that Xiaoniudiandong is using non-asian photo-models to present their stuff…

  1. But there is an MQi+ Sport in Europe too right? I had a test drive on one yesterday. It said something like M+ sport on the side of the scooter. I am so confused. On the niu website when I go M+, then to specs, there are two categories: MQi+ Sport and MQi+ Lite. The MQi+ Sport has a 1400W motor it says on the website, but the one I test-drove had a 1200W motor???

  2. They’ve clearly messed up in the marketing departmant but never mind that. What about the insane price difference in PRC-EU market? Is it because of EU taxes or is it because of their pricing policy??

    1. Comparing EU prices to those in China look insane, indeed – but there is some reason behind it.

      • First of all there’s probably some “because-we-can-extra” NIU’s putting on-top of their usual margin, asking the European distributor(s).
      • Shipping batteries is quite expensive (because of safety regulations) – even by ship.
      • Then the distributor(s) needs to refinance the process of getting a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) he has to obtain for each model.
      • Time for adding a margin… and local taxes.
      1. Something like that was possible back in the early days of grey-imports (~2016/17).
        Since then – at least for Europe – the official importers have their own firmware with such nice things disabled. It may be different for the Americas where walking into a bank with a weapon is perfectly legal πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey all,

    my local shop is advertising a model that looks like a UQi Pro but it says it includes a 500w motor, a 48V 21Ah battery, and has a range of 50km. Anybody ever heard of that?

    It seems to be a canadian only model…

    1. Well, it was just a question of time, when local “special models” will be released. NIU accumulated enough parts to use it as construction kit for models specifically tailored to special market demands (price, tax-models, etc)

    2. The model that you are talking about was and still is marketed as a bicycle legally in Canada. It was a way for them to get people onto their product at an affordable entry level price. However, I think the UM would have made much more sense. The latter would be easier to use as a bicycle as well.

      The good news is you could always upgrade your rear BOSCH motor to a 1200watt down the line. You can purchase the latter from AliExpress. The bad news is that it would make your eBike (I use the term loosely) illegal. So just be aware.

  4. Awesome article. It’s akin to trying to wrap your head around Harley-Davidson’s model reference codes and numbers throughout the last century. NIU would have been better off just hiring a PR firm to help them develop new names for each model, at least in the European and North American market. Even on our websites, the names of the bikes are different and it caused me confusion when I attempted to put a deposit down on one. Maybe they will offer a free online course to help buyers decipher their model names.

    The scooters themselves are top notch and honestly, there is nothing that compares to them. I purchased a new NIU NGT Pro (now named NQI GTS Pro) and couldn’t be happier with my decision. The feature It’s loaded with aren’t even found in motorcycles that cost North of 15 grand. Simple things like even self canceling turn signals are a plus for me. The app seems straightforward as well. For around $6100 (before tax), the range is unbeatable as well. It’s only real competition is the Vespa Electrica which retails for $10,000 before tax and doesn’t come with half of the features that the NIU does. As much as I am sucker for Vespas, they aren’t worth new car money. The range is set as well compared to the NIU with I various modes.

    I can’t shake the feeling that NIU is the Apple of this decade. As in, anyone thinking of investing money into a company should look into NIU as part of their portfolio. It may nor pay off for a while yet, but at the rate that they are growing it may be a winner all day long. All in all, thanks for a great article.

  5. Does anyone know if there are dimensional differences between the N1S and the NQi Sport? Would a 2017 N1S and a 2019 or 2020 NQi Sport share the same body panels, for example?

  6. Hello, my understanding is that the body of the bike is the same. It is just the names that are different. NIU has been going all over the place with their model designations for one reason or another.

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