Importing a Battery from China?

If you consider to order and import an extra battery from China so save some serious money… think twice!

Batteries are considered Dangerous Goods in professional transportation lingo. This means it’s a nightmare to get them shipped – no matter if it’s by air, sea or even foot.
This is something a redistributor has to care about and which makes some of his revenue quite valid.

Still not convinced? Read more about here. As this is a LinkedIn page you might have to have an account to read.
If you don’t, here’s the 30.000ft perspective:

  • When importing cargo that contains lithium batteries it is very important to verify that your supplier can provide all the relevant documents prior to making an order with your supplier.
  • All batteries must be manufactured under a certain quality management program as described in IATA DGR from the latest issue.
  • Your supplier must provide you or your freight forwarder with a UN.38.3 Test or UN Transportation Testing (UN/DOT 38.3)for the products he manufactures or sells.this is one of the most important documents that the airline will ask for prior to booking your cargo for a flight
  • Another very important document is the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the lithium batteries.
    This report contains 16 sections such as:
    • Chemical product ,factory and supplier identification
    • material and ingredients information
    • hazards identification
    • first aid measures
    • handling and storage
    • stability and reactivity
    • transport information
    • and more..
  • In China different Airports have different regulations for transporting batteries by air and the cargo’s documentation and certification requirements may be very different from airport to airport. You need to know which one are required.
  • It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that all of the applicable air transport requirements are met.
    Before a supplier offers any products contains lithium batteries which intended for air transport he must ensure that:
    -the cargo is not forbidden to transport by air
    -the goods are properly classified,marked and labelled
    -the goods are properly packed in compliance with the dangerous goods packing instructions (PI-xxx)
    -all the relevant documents has been properly issued and the shipping declaration is signed

Reading all of the above is already exhausting to read. Image trying to explain all this to some poor Chinese merchant who speaks as good English as you do Chinese.
He’ll probably will just say “yes” to all points, take your money, ships the battery and you’ll end up with… nothing (plus a sack full of problems).

Don’t say I haven’t warn you.

3 thoughts on “Importing a Battery from China?

  1. My charger gets very hot. And the charging stops at 86%.
    Then I get error 30.

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