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      In case you haven’t heard NIU filed its initial public offering in the U.S on October 19th for a $150 million – starting at $6.85 it’s at roughly $9 a
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      martina pixelmartina pixel

      I’d love to invest 5k even 10k on niu on nasdaq, but I have some thoughts, actually it’s three years they have the same old scooters on the market, they just refurbished it with more powerful battery (as usual) and speed limit, say most of them even still have problems with gps or ota updates. But look at the bolts, hey they get rusty in few months. A customer tried to mount an original niu windshield on his NS1 and the crap brackets broke off ( Would you invest in this firm even if you happily ride a NIU? Honestly…

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      martina pixelmartina pixel

      …Also they put e led on the key hole, very cool but there’s not a pocket for the scooter documents on the M-Series at least under the saddle? The original top case doesn’t even fit a small helmet. I have to thank again Sieghart from NIU endlessly as he unbounded my scooter or now I’d still have the app not synchronized with the scooter and my retailer kind of moron still doesn’t know anything. C’mom guys let’s be serious, we’re not playing with LEGO since many years… would you really invest in this firm?

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