Fixing the side-stand

The side-stand can be a major annoyance at least – if not a dangerous source of disaster!

It’s placed a bit low and angled out too far, so chances are high it will touch ground in a sharp left turn – sparks flying, you rear wheel might be lifted. A “good” start for a crash!
But with some simple tools and a steady hand you can fix that in half an hour (This fix originates from user ‘unfused’ from a German eScooter forum).

This is the side-stand as it is mounted by the factory:

As you can see, there’s a lot of space between the stand and the chassis of your NIU (Red arrow). So in a sharp turn, the front of the baseplate will touch the street (Yellow frame) wreaking havoc.

And here is the culprit: The stopper for the side-stand stops the stand to early:

So out goes your Dremel or angle grinder (maybe to big for this) and grind/cut off just a tiny bit, like in the picture below.
My advise is to do it step by step and check the angle once a while. Try to keep your cut lining up with the left edge as illustrated by the red line.

See the yellow arrows? They’re pointing to flecks of rust. Pictures were taken after the 1st ride in mildly wet weather (no rain!)… so it might be a good idea to put some rust protection onto your fresh cut and the stand as well.

While you’re at it, you can gain some extra centimeters/inches by grinding down the left side of the baseplate, too. Again, put some paint on it afterwards to prevent rust.

And after some months, finally, the step-by-step video… yay!

3 thoughts on “Fixing the side-stand

  1. Hi,
    ich möchte anmerken, dass man vor dem Arbeiten mit der ‘Flex’ (=Trennschleifer) die Verkleidung unter dem Trittbrett auch abmontieren könnte.
    Lack bzw. Plastik und heisse Eisenspäne vertragen sich nämlich nicht so gut 😉

    1. What Duke is recommending is to remove the sidestand before cutting it, because the sparks can damage the plastic parts of the chassis…

  2. Will the new models N-GT and M+ habe improved side stands out of the factory?

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