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Yes, there’s a growing number of DIY videos showing in detail how you can fix problems or enhance your NIU yourself.

Some are there for quite some time but probably somewhat hidden in a post or an FAQ entry. So I thought it’s about time to also collect them into a single post.
Alternatively you can also just subscribe to the YouTube channel 😉

But first, a stern word of warning:

If you do what I’m showing in these videos, you will do this at your own risk!
I’m not going to be taken liable for any damage to your NIU or your health!
If you’re unsure if you are able to perform these stunts, then please don’t do it!

Fixing things

Removing front panel and check the hall-sensor

Let’s start with the newest (and longest) video yet. I recently got a strange and not so common issue.
When switching on my NIU I often get an Error 140. The user manual says it’s a problem with the throttle… and that’s pretty much true.
While I can simply ignore the error message and just start riding my NIU I will have a speed-drop every now and then. It then slows down from top-speed (~50 on the speedometer) down to 40 where it stays until I do a full stop and accelerate again. This behavior comes and goes. So it’s not really reproducible. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Broken hall-sensor
  • Broken bowden-cable
  • A loose connection somewhere between the hall-sensor and the motor controller

In any case, I have to check them and open up the front-panel to measure the voltage coming out of the hall-sensor.
Also, I have to dismantle the throttle-bar… a good opportunity to add all this to the DIY videos:

Preventing the sidestand from “touching ground”

This a common problem every NIU owner will face some time. In a sharp left corner, the sidestand will touch the ground.
Quite dangerous… so let’s fix that:

Removing the under-seat compartment

After some time my charging-connector came loose – yet another reason to make a video to show how to remove that compartment, which is quite easy and gives you the chance to take a look at that omnious main controller:


Adding a gas-spring to your seat

This is meant as a yet simple but handy facilitation in your daily NIU usage. Add a gas-spring underneath your seat and it will automagically open itself when being unlocked. It also stays in place while you dig for stuff in there, preventing it from hitting your head 😉

Stay tuned and check often for more DIY videos to come…

Cool recommended NIU DIY videos not done by me

Our reader Doug made this very nice step-by-step video showing how to swap all body panels of a N1s which is basically the same for the NQi. Thanks Doug for sharing!


15 thoughts on “DIY Videos

  1. It also seems possible to change the indicator sounds…

  2. Hi, Axel.
    Few comments on your “Removing front panel and check the hall-sensor” video. There was an issue with pulling out two plastic pistons from the lower side of the front panel. You said “They have small pins in there you have to pull”.
    More common way – the core pins shouldn’t be pulled, but should be pushed inside the pistons, so the pistons will be loosened and easily be pushed out.

    1. Yes, you can push the pin inside which is definitely more convenient. The downside of doing it that way is, that the pin is pushed all the way through the piston and ends up rattling somewhere inside your scooters chassis… That leaves you with a piston without pin and a lot of work if you really up to getting the pin back.
      OTOH if you have found a source of fitting pistons (cheap at ePay etc), that method is just fine.

      1. Sorry Axel, evidently I didn’t explain my point clearly. When you push the pin inside the piston there is a stable position of the pin, about 3-4 mm from the piston surface, so the pin stick this position in the piston and do not go “through” the piston, and at the same time you can easily pull out the piston. Please look at a video, it is in russian, but I hope it is clear.
        The same piston we have in our N1s.
        Best regards, sorry for inconvenience,

        1. Got you. So it’s a thing of pushing it gently – just enough to click into the 1st notch.
          That said, you can push it through… I know that, because I have one pin rattling in my chassis. And no, it wasn’t me 😉

  3. I was also wondering the same thing because my scooter has trouble starting because the sensor thinks that the kick stand is in the down position.

    1. It’s a simple switch. First I would check it for dirt & clean it.
      If that does not help cou could either swap it for a new original (Mod. “N” Part.Nr. 10602004, ~20€) or similiar fitting one….

      1. Alright it makes sense. I was planning on just removing the switch from the kick stand and just tuck it into the side panel of the scooter. One last question l, I live in New York, however it’s incredibly hard to get parts for their scooters. Do you know any manufacturer that ships here? Thanks again I really do appreciate it.

        1. Sorry – I have no idea who’s shipping to the US… and even then, it’ll be probably more than the switch’s worth.
          Try any motorcycle shop. Most switches/sensors are pretty similiar. They’re either 2 or 3 wire (you need 2). The switch is either an opener or closer – not 100% sure what NIU uses but a multimeter will tell you.
          When that’s sorted out, you will most likely find something a parts shop.
          Do not short or disconect the sensor – you will reget that in the first corner you take with the stand touching ground!

  4. Hello,

    I am searching for a diy video to change the back tire. Of my Niu mqi+ anybody information?

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