The 2018 models

In November 2017 at the EICMA show in Milan, NIU unveiled their new models for this year, here’s a [quite lengthy] recap…

Updated 2018 models

There are some updates to the existing models we know from 2017:

As you’ve learned from this FAQ entry, it’s not always easy to differentiate the Chinese (aka “domestic”) models from what we get over here in Europe.
What I gathered here about the 2018 models comes from different sources in China as well as Europe, so I will mention if I’m not 100% sure that new features are just meant for the domestic (i.e. Chinese) market or for us, too.
I’ve visited my local NIU dealers and none of them had received on of the 2018 models yet. As soon I got my naughty fingers touching one, I’ll update this post accordingly.


The European N1s is a somewhat advanced version of the Chinese one due to European vehicle regulations and laws. So the 2018 model for China got some changes which were already available to European customers. Those rather “unspectacular” changes are:

  • better tires (different manufacturer)
  • better brakes (different manufacturer)
  • brighter headlight

But there are also changes, which are quite obvious and absolutely new for the European version of the N1s:

The handlebars were updated to be more “M1’ish”. Here’s the 2017 N1s, the M1 and the Chinese 2018 N1s in comparison…

  • On the left side the full-beam switch was changed from a vertical to a horizontal layout.
  • The indicator knob got a slight redesign but indicator sounds were introduced! (Go here to learn how to change them)
  • The horn-button got a similar design of the M1 to make room for…
  • the new cruise-control button. Press it and your NIU will keep the speed until you brake.

…and the right side was changed, too:

  • The “rotary mode switch” was replaced by a rocker-switch (+/-)
  • The headlight on-off switch was enhanced by an auto-mode (like the one used in cars)
  • Like the M1, the Chinese 2018 N1s has a button for hazard-lights

The right handlebar for the European 2018 N1s got some of the new features shaved of – while featuring the same design:

  • The headlight can neither be switched off (against the law), nor does it have an auto-mode
  • The button for the hazard-lights isn’t there and its function was moved into the slider above it

[Picture courtesy by user ‘Karaten’ of]

Also something happened between the handlebars… the European version cockpit was changed quite a bit (Actually much more than the Chinese version):

  • In the top-left corner the temperature display was replaced by a clock (Some European 2017 models had that too, but you couldn’t set the time and it was the only change)
  • Indicators for GPS and mobile-network connection were added
  • Error messages/numbers got their own display in the top-right corner (Freeing the speedometer from being blocked by some sticky error)

Down there

Two things changed below the handlebar, too. While us Europeans already got the charging port in the under-seat compartment with the 2017 model, the Chinese 2018 models introduced a second charging port which is accessible from the outside: On the left side below the seat is a flap behind which there’s another port… quite Tesla’ish 😀

Also, if you look closer, you can spot the foot-mat covering the battery compartment. That’s included now… even for Europe.

Finally they’ve added a nice touch to the co-driver footrests: They got a spring so that they snap-out when pushed… like that:
(Not sure about the European models yet)

Sadly there seem to be downsides… or should we say downgrades?
Rumor from the forums has it, that some things had been changed for worse in the European version:

  • The brakes seem to be weaker. Not only that, some people report that you can pull the break lever all the way to the handle :-/
    It’s been reported that NIU did that to prevent drivers flipping over the handlebar when breaking to hard… honestly: WTF!?!
  • Torque seemed to be lowered, too. That is totally not cool. Again: NOT COOL!

U1 Pro

Not really a new model… but new to Europe. Most likely they just changed the usual stuff according to European law and regulations.
The estimated range is given at 70 kilometers. Top-speed is 45 km/h and its battery is said to recharge in seven hours.
It should be available in Europe in April.


New models

NIU presented 3 “real” new models. As said, I’m not counting the U1 as being new…


Well, there’s actually not much more to say, that what NIU announced:
“Featuring a design similar to the N-Series scooter, the GT scooter offers more power than its younger brother. Its maximum speed is 80 km/h and has an estimated range of more than 130 kilometers. The scooter can be plugged into any outlet and is recharged in six hours.. The GT scooter will be available in Europe from September 2018.”

Presented in Paris lately, some more detail were revealed. In my humble opinion, there’s one downside: They added a 2nd battery for the extra “ooomp”. This completely fills the under-seat compartment. Here’s a picture courtesy of

And I’m still not sure wether I like the new “Rainbow dashboard” which is supposed to change colour while driving


The top-notch N-series… a serious tuning: While I believe the a maximum speed of 100 km/h, I’m really curious about the announced range of 180 kilometers in urban areas – and while it’s obvious that the GTX must have a bigger battery, NIU claims it will be recharged in six hours (like the N1S and GT).
The most confusing announcement for me is the notion of “The GTX will be available in France next September”. Just France?!
Others sources report availability in Europe for end-of-year… we’ll see.

“Project X”

Project X is a completely new family and not “just” an update or launch of a given Chinese model and thus, the greatest surprise of the 2018 models. It looks much more “4 stroke scooter’ish” but misses the city-scooter feeling. It is expected having a top speed of 120km/h and a range of up to 160km.
The onboard system will run Android OS (uhh, I smell lots of hacking possibilities here) and feature a touchscreen display – we’ll see if touchscreen and weather/gloves is a clever combination.

NIU said this Concept will be ready ship to Europe by Q4 2018…

21 thoughts on “The 2018 models

  1. I can confirm the spring activated footrests for Europe in the N1s. I hope the torque thing is not true tho. I feel it has nice force production, but I cannot compare it with the previous model.

  2. I got a 2018 model of the first batch arriving to our main swedish reseller of NIU. Can also confirm the spring footrests. Only tried it briefly because there’s still a lot of snow here but it seemed very responsive, but I haven’t tried 2017 model.

    However. I was thinking about the battery. Nowhere on the actual battery or in the user manual does it say the cells are from Samsung/LG/Panasonic. They are really happy to point out the other major parts from other companies (like the Bosch motor) so I was curious how it’s stated on the battery and manual for 2017 models?

    1. Thanks for sharing that info about the 2018 models. So I assume the footrests are confirmed now.
      AFAIK the battery manufacturer is not mentioned in the manual…

  3. Hi, I was visiting a dealer here in Germany yesterday and they had a 2018 model of the N1s. I can confirm all the changes and new features explained and described here, including the cruise control button on the left. I would only add that the name tag with the word β€œCivic” has now been removed, due to legal conflicts with Honda and their car β€œCivic”.

    1. Thanks for the update, Enrico! “Civic” was never used in Europe since the NIUs were imported officially. So 2017 models also didn’t sport the Civic badge.

      1. I see. Anyways, after a bit of reading, I’m now concerned about something which is worrying me more than the name tag. The supposedly less power/torque of the 2018 model vs the 2017 model. In the shop they have both, I’m thinking of trying them both and eventually get the old version. Although it feels like a pity, given the nice enhancements to the display and commands… πŸ™
        I wonder if this is actually true.

        1. I recommended the N1s to a friend and wish I had not done so. He came by yesterday on his 2018 model and I took a short ride. It is a lame duck compared to 2017 model. Much less riding fun. Foot rests do not fold in completely and one comes out on jolting roads.
          It might be a good idea to avoid coming OTA updates.

          1. Oh my… that sounds terrible. I feel with you, it’s hard to disappoint a friend that way πŸ™
            Let’s see if we get more feedback like this… preferably in the forum πŸ˜‰

  4. Ah, I also found out about the existence of a bigger windshield that can be bought as an extra accesory from NIU. Pretty handy during the winter. However, I could not see any picture or find any info about it. Anybody knows something about this?

  5. Hi there,

    Want to know more about the Project X release date in Europe (if any). Very interesting maxi scooter

    1. I just got an invite to a mail list about the GTX launch, when opening the app.
      As for Project X, I’d say not this year. And maybe even not 2019 for Europe.

  6. Hi Niu team,

    Is there any update about the Niu Project X ? Is the release date ( Q4 2018/Q1 2019) is still confirmed ? What about the price ?

    If you can’t give us more information, at least, please, tell us when we will be informed.

    Can’t wait to have more details πŸ™‚

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


    1. Yes, that would be interesting… But I guess, it’ll be better to ask them directly (this is a independent user page) or go to our forum and ask there… Niu folks are lurking there πŸ˜‰

    1. Very good question.
      Project X was never mentioned again after its presentation. The TQi mimics a maxi scooter in some way. But being radical as it is, I wonder if it will become real.

  7. I own a MQi-GT with a “windscreen”.
    I have a problem when driving at night. The display reflects so many light in the windscreen that it hinders my sight.
    Is there an option to inverse the light of the display so it radiates less light?

    1. This is a problem not specific to NIU scooters… and a religious one πŸ˜‰ Some swear that anti-glare stickers like work fine.
      Others just use hairspray on the dashboard (sic!) to reduce reflections… and finaly, polarized (sun)glasses can also help to reduce reflections.

      1. I would want to have an inverted screen so it doesn’t give a rectangular reflection of the whole dashboard, but only the numbers (mirrored upside-down)

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