The all new NIU Kick Scooter

It was about time… and there it is, relatively late to the market: The brand new NIU Kick Scooter.

I was really moving this matter for a while, but not having a full blown staff behind me, I decided to focus on (motor) Scooters and won’t cover Kick Scooters or the also released e-bikes (aka Pedelecs) that much on

So for a full round-up of the Kick Scooter data, please visit the official page from NIU.

Here are the quick facts:

Two versions will be available: the NIU Kick Scooter Sport and Kick Scooter Pro.
NIU says the specs were specifically designed for US and European markets. I guess that means they expect bigger sales there than in China.

  • The Kick Scooter Sport model offers an top speed of 20km/h (18 MPH in the US) provided by its 300W motor and its 365 Watt-hours battery gives about 40 km/ 25 miles of range
  • The Kick Scooter Pro offers a bit more power (350W, 486W/hrs battery), while still regulated to 20km/h (but 20 MPH in the US!) and a 50 km/30 mile range.

You can fold them for easy transportation (18.5-20kg to lug around) and they come in several color “trims”, well decals IMHO…

Like all NIU products they’re integrated into an App Ecosystem. Prices are 599/699€ or the same in US$ – Ah, and to be able to ride it you should not be heavier than 100kg/220lb/15.5 stone (I love that quirky unit of measurement ;-))

What do you think about Kick Scooters (NIU or in general)? 
Are they a reasonable solution for the last-mile or just a nerdy gadget?
Do they make sense for private ownership or is it just a rental thing?
Share your thoughts down  in the comments!

One thought on “The all new NIU Kick Scooter

  1. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands it is not allowed to drive this scooter on public roads.
    Otherwise I would have bought one already.

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