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      Nathan CocksedgeNathan Cocksedge

      What are your thoughts on the new N-GT?

      I think it looks epic!!

      Interested to see the price.

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      Enrico AtworkEnrico Atwork

      I love it!

      I am a bit disappointed about the double battery. I use the space underneath the seat a lot for helmet storage and other stuff.

      I would like to know what happens if you only use one battery. The range will obviously be less, but the speed???

      I wouldn’t mind 50/60 km range but 70kmh with a single battery.

      (which is actually what would happen by changing the ECU as described in the mod/hack section of this forum?)

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        Sieghart MichielsenSieghart Michielsen

        Driving mode 3, which goes up to 70km/h, can only be used with 2 batteries installed.

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        Enrico AtworkEnrico Atwork

        Thanks for the clarification! Do myou know what is the top speed in mode 2?


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      Xavier PiquemalXavier Piquemal

      I can’t wait for it ! It was supposed to be released in September 2018, but it looks like it will be release early 2019.

      Yes this scooter has 2 batteries, Yes it takes some space, and it is heavier, however it look like they though of the center of gravity based on how heavy the batteries are, which imply a very smooth and safe drive while turning.

      The importance of the 70km is also very important. In cities, the most critical and dangerous moments are when cars pass you.

      Finally, We must know that the range capacity NIU gives us is based on continuous driving at 20mph (32kmh).

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      Hi. I bought the N-GT  two weeks ago. It drives very well and i can achieve 78km/h (counter speed). However the range is dispointing. Advertised as 170km, actual range was sold as 100km by various people who tested it. However, the last 15% of the battery is unsuable as the speed is then limited to 20km/h, which is useless. So I can only reach 80km(20% sport mode, 80% dynamic).

      Does anyone know if I can change that 15% limit to either lower percentage or higher speed ?

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