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      John JohnsonJohn Johnson

      Hi forum,
      My new NQi Sport, factory fresh scooter (980 km.) has an issue from the rear wheel.
      It has a “clicky” sound one time per rotation. Like some metal is touching very lightly on some other surface – there’s also a very weak resistance when the click appears.

      When it was completely new (like 200 km. only) I spoke to my dealer but he said it could be the brakedisc or pad that has had a chip in it and that’s what’s causing this sound.
      He said that they’d look into it when I bring the scooter to its first service.

      My question is, if this clicky sound should be there?
      I am taking it to service now. It would be nice have an idea of what to expect the dealer to do about it, if it is a fault ofcourse.

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