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      Johan Lindbergmeep-meep

      Hi everyone, this is my first post and very nice to find a forum to discuss the niu electric scooters! I didnt find any thread for the M+ Lite so Im posting here.

      I recently got a NIU M+ Lite 25 km/h. The reason to get the 25 km/h is that I use it to commute to work in Sthlm and where I live I need to go on the biking lanes and this is only allowed in Sweden with the 25 km/h scooters.

      Im very happy with it except that I suspect that it’s not doing 25 km/h, it’s doing 23.5 km/h when it says 25 km/h on the speed monitor. As it is only doing 25 km/h I really want it to hit that max speed.

      When I get the stats from the NIU app it says:

      17.2 km
      40.22 min
      25.3 km/h

      When I measure the same ride with my Iphone and another app it says:

      15.47 km
      40.26 min
      22.95 km/h

      I compared speeds with an electric bicycle and when the scooter shows 25 km/h the bike is at 23.5 km/h.

      Anyone having similar concerns? Any comments are appreciated!

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      Tedd SoostTedd Soost

      Congrats on the new ride!

      Where in Sthlm to you live and work? Would be great to meet up.

      Where did you buy the scooter?

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      Johan Lindbergmeep-meep

      Just a quick update – at the first service I told the store about my problem so they did some modifications/updates with the software and problem solved!


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      dionis ticdionis tic

      Hi. I also bought one M1+ (limit to 25kph) in Netherlands.
      Its a nice bike, I would buy it again, but rinding in the bike lanes the speed limit at 25kph.. So I would prefer to go a bit faster, but its the way it is.

      I’m generally happy, but frustrated due to some cyclists or motor scooters pass me

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