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      Jorge MJorge M

      I don’t know if its agains the rules, but I thought it would be cool if the NIU users could see where are we from and which scooters are we riding and which modifications or accesories they have. Also, knowing other owners in your area could be a source of useful information!

      I would start with myself: I’m George, from Spain but currently living in The Netherlands (gooische area). I bought my N1s one month ago and, to be hones, I cannot wait to have good weather to use it more and visit the whole area with it.

      I bought the white color as the n1s ones were too “serious” for me, M1 colors would have been awesome! With the purchase I added the phone holder and the back rest for the back seat. It is not super aesthetic, but I use both of them a lot! (also they are not too cheap tbh). When folded and twisted, the phone holder appears to be much smaller.

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      [quote quote=585]I don’t know if its agains the rules, but I thought it would be cool if the NIU users could see where are we from and which scooters are we riding and which modifications or accesories they have. [/quote]

      Why should it be against the rules?! That’s a good idea and one reason why this forum exists: Get in touch with other NIU riders – maybe in your neighbourhood, city or at least country.
      I’m sure there will be local forums soon, but until then, we’ll bridge the time until then in this little place.

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      Enrico AtworkEnrico Atwork

      Hi, I’m Enrico, italian living in Berlin. I have just bought a NIU N1s black, it is the 2018 model. No extras for now, looking forward to meet other NIU users on this forum and share useful info about the N1s scooter.
      See you around here.
      Cheers. 🙂

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      Alessio RAlessio Rigotto

      Hi! I’m Alessio, from Rome.

      I’ve finally bought a N1s black and I’m waiting for it! 🙂

      Finally an english forum 😀

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      Bima WicaksonoBima Wicaksono

      Hi! I’m Bima from Indonesia. I used to own a Niu when I was living in Beijing (I had the original N1 in white). I used it daily and must have ridden it for more than 1500 km already. Too bad I had to sell it when I left China last year. I miss the scooter a lot, but unfortunately, there is no official way get it here in Indonesia.

      Looking forward to share and exchange informations with you all!

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      Anders MagnussonAnders Magnusson

      Hey guys (and Girls)!

      I’m Anders from Sweden. Bought a n1s 2018 (White) model at the end of February but haven’t been able to use it properly until yesterday because of there being too much snow. I like the idea of a forum to exchange info on things that might occur 🙂

      My initial experience is that I like it and it functions well. There are some topics I’m thinking about for other parts of the forum though.

      Have a great day everyone

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        Jorge MJorge M

        And I was complaining about living in The Netherlands haha. I hope you can start using it soon!


        BTW Axel, the image inserted on my very first message doesn’t show up.Any idea why?

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      Yarrid DeprezYarrid Deprez

      Good day,

      My name is Yarrid and I live in Belgium (Schoten, near Antwerp).

      I recently bought myself an M1 Pro because I switched jobs and had to turn in my company car. I’ve only driver my M1 for 5 km’s so far, but I’m absolutely loving it.

      I visited the NIU flagship store in Amsterdam just yesterday and couldn’t help but notice the green/blue U1 standing in the showroom. I’m definitely getting this one for my wife!

      Meanwhile, the M1 is sitting in the garage because as from next weekend, I’m going to disassemble the body panels and give them a new look. The color is currently factory white, and I’ll be wrapping it into either Nardo- or Steel Grey. I’m also looking into a ‘Tron’ wrap, but that might be a bit too difficult. I’ll keep you closely informed on the progress.

      But first things first: I haven’t found a maintenance manual for the M1 just yet (w/ instructions on how to properly remove the body panels) – any suggestions apart from figuring it out the hard way?

      Looking forward to potentially meeting other NIU owners near Antwerp in the future!

      BR, -Yarrid

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      Humphrey van LeeHumphrey van Lee

      New user from the Netherlands here, received my mat black N1S yesterday. Going to use it to commute to work as it is a short distance and my car is kind of a guzzler.


      And I already like it, it is soo silent and smooth, it is my first 2 wheel vehicle in 25 years (Honda MTX in my young years ;))


      So yeah, thanks for having me and I’m curious what I can learn here, being part software I’m hoping to see some tweaks on the EU version. (Or at least a working app :P)

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      Nathan CocksedgeNathan Cocksedge

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Nathan, living in Brussels.

      My red N1s should arrive next week – very excited as this is my first scooter.

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      John MikelJohn Mikel

      Hello! I am John and in Brussels for now. I just got my n1s black mat today! I was riding 20 km with it and loved it but I have ordered the Ling Bo controller in China to upgrade the speed it’s damn too slow and I think too dangerous need to blend in with the traffic 😛

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        Nathan CocksedgeNathan Cocksedge

        Hello John,

        I am also based in Brussels. My N1s will arrive next week.

        What is the driving experience like in Brussels?

        Do you use the tunnels or avoid them?

        Also, what is this upgrade to the speed you mentioned? Could you give more info?


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      Rummel KaeptnRummel Kaeptn

      Hello and good day from Switzerland

      Owning a 2018 N1S with about 500km on the tachometer, I’m really glad and thankful to Axel and the community this website exists.

      There are so many questions and so few information for customers in Europe. This place here is a valuable source for information.

      Keep up the good work and may the community grow.



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      Pierre BoualavongPierre Boualavonh

      <!–more–>Hello from France

      I’m the proud and happy owner of a 2018 N1s Matte grey. I bought it last week to replace my dying Piaggio Zip 50 2T. I love it so much it already got 197km in.


      Bought it with the passenger backseat, but i tried to put a gps stand kinda DiY with a quad lock case i had but i think i should have bought the OG phone support.

      Also great work on the site and forum, it’s really good to have a place to share information.

      Maybe a discord soon ?

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      Laurent BarrosLaurent Barros

      Hello everyone 🙂
      I am the owner of an NIU N1-s scooter since May 2018, this is a 2016 model in white with the circular commodo, 200 km for the moment, before I had a MATRA EMO XP, the</span> NIU is powerful 🙂 My dealer in Rennes (France) has received new is my page on Facebook on electric scooters:

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      Luke OsborneLuke Osborne

      Hi, I’m Luke from the UK. I’ve just ordered my Matt grey N1 so hoping to have it in a couple of weeks. Only found 2 dealers in the UK and only 1 that replies to emails. Took an N1 for a test ride a couple of weeks ago and loved it- so hoping I wont be disappointed. Anyone know if a disk lock fits on the N1? I’m trying to think whether to get a disk lock chain combo for security.

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      Tim CunninghamTim Cunningham

      I’m living and working in Shanghai and have just this week purchased the Niu M1 Civic.  Nice scoots!

      max speed so far is 45Km.h

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      Johan GunverthJohan Gunverth

      Hi all from Gothenburg, Sweden!

      Just unloaded my new black NIU N1S at home. Nice x10! Neighbour showed up immediately to adore it.


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      Yanbin HuYanbin Hu

      Dear fellow (soon to be) niu drivers,

      I moved fromMunich Germany to shanghai  last October and bought my N-Pro this May. Everyday usage for work and bascially everywhere (even to the airport sometimes). It’s by far the most efficient way to move around here.

      On the Tacho i have 2340 km and not one single technical issue. Battery health is at 96.5 at 35 charging cycles.

      Looking forward to exchange experience with you guys.

      Best Yanbin

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        Tim CunninghamTim Cunningham

        Hi Yanbin

        I’m in Shanghai too. I live in Xujiahui and commute each day to Jiuting. 16Km each way takes around 40 mins. Battery is good at 95.1 health, 49 charging cycles and 1785Km ridden since October last year.

        I recently found the App is in English and also the scooter firmward updated itself.

        See you around


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      Michael BrittingMichael Britting

      Hi everybody!

      I´m Michael from a valley near Nuremberg and have just bought a white Niu N1S a few days ago. I´m glad to found this great site and looking forward to read more tipps and tricks and maybe meet some other Niu riders in my location?

      Best greetings from Germany! 🙂

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      Julian Van BuytenJulian Van Buyten

      hello from germany everyone 🙂


      my name is julian and i bought a white N1S.


      I ride it from home to work (23km/way)

      looking for some accesoires to individualise it 🙂


      I live in Cologne, any other Cologne NIU Riders up here ?


      So long, Julian

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        Tim CunninghamTim Cunningham

        Hi Julian

        There are plenty of accessories on TaoBao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay/Amazon.  I’ve bought a battery lock (very simple and useful), a disc brake lock, and various netting ‘pockets’ for phone and gloves/goggles while on the move.

        There’s a ton of stuff you can buy to pimp your scoot.

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      David BallyDavid Bally

      My Name is David, and I’m from the UK.

      I have just bought an M+ Sport in blue, which was delivered 2 days ago.

      My Partner has a matt black M model which we have had for a few months.

      My M+ Sport

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      Tim CunninghamTim Cunningham

      Hi David

      I’m originally from UK (north Wales) but have been living overseas since 1991. Currently, I ‘m in Shanghai. I’m going to return home soon, and wondered whether I should bring my M1 Civic with me. Can it be ridden legally in UK? Did you have to register your M+ Sport, get a licence plate, MoT (?) and insurance?



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      Jedrek KrowirandaJedrek Krowiranda


      My name is Jedrek and I live in Wroclaw, western Poland.

      Just bought myself a Niu N Lite 2019 in graphite matt even though the app says it’s gloss black 😉

      I use it to get around the city, go to work and such.

      So far, I love it. I was worried that the 1200W motor won’t be powerful enough for me but I can reach 50 km/h with no problem. The 10 km way to work takes me 20 minutes vs 30  minute drive by car or nearly an hour by public transport.

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      Tedd SoostTedd Soost

      Tedd Soost from Stockholm Sweden.

      #niucrew #2019NSport

      Would be cool to meet up with others from Sthlm!

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      Martin CleaverMartin Cleaver

      Hi there.
      A new Niu user in Amsterdam here (yellow plate, of course (inside joke for Dutch users)). It’s a great ride but there seem to be a couple of issues. It took three days and head office intervention to activate the scooter on the app.
      I also have to get a backrest PDQ, because my girlfriend feels vulnerable on the back without one. The wobbly passenger pedals don’t help. I have no idea why they are so wobbly and won’t shut most of the time. Does anyone else have this?

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        Humphrey van LeeHumphrey van Lee

        Mine (N1S) are stable, my kids use them and they feel solid. They also stay in place when I fold them.

        And yes, for the activation I also needed to contact support, but only for the first time, has been up and running since, no issues.

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      Eduard AbashevEduard Abashev

      Hello. My name is Eduard, I’m from Russia, Moscow.

      Good to become a part of the NIU community.

      I’ bought my N1s Sport on Taobao on 11.11, great chinese sales day, and got a great discount of 1 yuan 🙂 As an upgrade I’ve bought baggage rack, very useful stuff.

      My collegue from Beijing send it to me by little cargo company, so the price is very affordable.

      The winter in Moscow is not for bike rides so … Waiting for the summer to come and riding my NIU in the underground parking of my office)))

      The app doesn’t work without internet, so it’s time for experiments, and I would appreciate it much if somebody say to me where the sim-card socket is located?

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      Gaston GadetNiu driver

      Hi,  my name is Gaston and I’m living in Belgium. We bought our Niu N1S pro 2 weeks ago. We are using it for fun, vacation and my wife for her job.

      We changed the body plates ( ugly red striping  ) to white ones. We also mounted a telephone holder and a Chad storagebox with a back cushion.


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      Pavel DeminPavel Demin

      Hello to all.

      I’m Pavel from Russia. I have been in China and was surprised by the quantity of electrical scooters on the streets. I ordered the NIU from China this June and I’m happy scooter driver now.


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      Pavel DeminPavel Demin

      To Eduard Abashev, Hi I’m from Moscow too. How can I get your contact? I have few questions about scooter may you know answers.

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      Michael GaylerMichael Gayler

      Hi All

      I’m Mike and I live in Leicester in England. I’m an old bloke (well, 66) and am taking delivery of a shiny new UQI GT Pro today – yes, today!

      I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was about 25 – and this is my first electric machine.
      I’m trading in a SYM Joyride, a 171cc petrol machine – which is much faster than the NIU will ever be, but I don’t need the speed, or the range of the petrol motor (and before long, parts and servicing it will become difficult because of its age) – time for it to go, and I’m not sad – it had no character.

      My biggest concerns are about carrying stuff on the NIU – I’m going to be looking at taking the rear seat off to put a top box on. I’m also worried about security despite all the clever tech built in to prevent theft.

      I’ve started a blog to ‘brain dump’ my thoughts and experiences as I go along – it’s at

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