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      Hi all,

      I’ve added a FAQ entry about all known firmware releases.
      If you feel the urge to discuss/add firmwares etc… do it here 😉

      Cheers, Axel

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      Jeroen de jongJeroen de jong

      TRA01V14 for MIU M1 Pro

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      Jorge MJorge M

      TRA01C05 for the 2018 N1s. I have to try the 15% battery thing. They told me that this update comes with “intelligent” lights, same way some cars do. It will get brighter depending on the amount of light available. Not quite sure if this is right.

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      Humphrey van LeeHumphrey van Lee

      I have a 2018 N1S for about 2 weeks now, was finally able to register it into the app yesterday. My version states TRA01C03, it says it is the latest. Will it push TRA01C05 automatically?

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      Humphrey van LeeHumphrey van Lee

      Well hello, the app started to work, finally. It appears I’m on TRA01C07 (Netherlands). Any update on the contents of the firmwares?

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      ilja CoveliersSoxbrother

      Any more info what the latest firmware versions

      added/changed to the software of The Niu N1S 2018 version ?

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      Rummel KaeptnRummel Kaeptn

      Hi guys

      Still running TRA01C03 on my 2018 N1S. The app doesn’t show me any available firmware update.

      The app itself got an update to disable “Vehicle GPS Positioning”. But to use it, you require a new firmware, which simply doesn’t show up in my app.

      Anyone experiencing the same issues or is available to provide some tips?


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      stephane wilsonstephane wilson

      Hi All just 2 days receive notification for update my scooter firmware, i follow instructions and upadte fail 🙁

      ways for update :

      have firmware TRA01V07 and new firmware TRA01C10.

      my Niu is N1S civic Black october 2017

      no UP on the dasbord and no countdown 0 to 100 on the odometer.

      my GSM is actived receive notifications batterry no authorised movement and see my data on my iphone and my samsung tablet.

      i try disconect my battery tur on and turn off no issue for me update is impossible fail and have old version no update work , im a in Europe from France.

      thx for help me solution to update my firmware 😉

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      Ryan KozakRyan Kozak

      HI everyone,
      I’m new to this site and new to forums in general, so bear with me…

      I have a 2018 N1S (Germany) and got the notification to update using app version 3.3.4.

      It may be obvious, but it took me some time to find the start of the process within the app.
      -“ME” at bottom of app
      -choose your scooter in “My Garage”
      -choose “OTA Updates”

      It successfully updated the scooter from TRA01C03 to TRA01C10 in about 6 minutes

      Changes after upgrade:
      -time is finally correct
      -scooter to app connection appears more stable but too early to be sure
      -no apparent change in top speed (still 49-51)

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      Enrico AtworkEnrico Atwork

      [quote quote=791] It successfully updated the scooter from TRA01C03 to TRA01C10 in about 6 minutes [/quote]


      Hi Ryan, good to hear you made it. I have been trying today but I always get the “no signal” message. I’m in a good coverage area.

      In the app, the scooter seems to be offline all the time. The last recorded position is from 40 days ago.

      Maybe I should unbind the scooter and start all over again? Does the scooter need to be online in the app in order to make the update?


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      Enrico AtworkEnrico Atwork

      Hi ya’ll,

      so I finally managed to update the scooter and wanted to share some feedback. First of all, I was having problems with the GSM connection and I solved it simply by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. So I followed the instructions and the update was done in about 10 minutes.

      Finally, the connection with the App works well! Now I can see the GPS position at all times, I can read the battery level and the remaining range.

      The clock now displays the time correctly.

      The top speed has not been affected, the display says 50kmh and the GPS tells me 47kmh. Pretty good. I can actually feel the push a bit stronger, but then again it is practically the same as before.

      I still have to check the range, but that should not have changed and it is still at 6km each 10% of battery.


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      Laurent BarrosLaurent Barros

      To date, the latest version is: ECUKSR1.3

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      Some extra info on the TRA01V08 firmware:

      Top speed: 56ish (not gps measured) when topped up. 48-49ish <70%
      Emergency operation: <10%
      Quick and lively
      No indicator sounds.

      I currently have the opportunity to update to TRA01C10, but I’m not sure if i should?

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      Martin MiklavcicMartin Miklavcic

      <span style=”font-family: verdana, geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”>I have my (our/shared w. daughter) N1S now for 2 weeks. Firmware came TRA01C03 and now it suggests to upgrade to TRA01C10 through the APP.</span>

      <span style=”font-family: verdana, geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”>From ‘<span style=”color: #0000ff;”>@Ryan Kozak’s</span>’ post I’d rather update, cause I had to unplug the battery to get GSM connection (and consequently GPS working). But since then the clock is wrong (chinese time?) and apparently there is no other way to set the clock other than through GSM. Or am I wrong??</span>

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      John MikelJohn Mikel

      TRA01C10 firmware will fix the time zone issue.

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      Hicham AlfarradHicham Alfarrad

      Hi everyone,

      I own a 2018 Niu N1s (in France).
      I performed a Smart Check of my scooter yesterday and the report showed that a new ECU Firmware version is available, indicating that an “OTA update is recommended”. (see attachment)
      By the way, this showed up after I updated the Niu App on the AppStore.
      Has someone heard of/already installed this new version?
      Thanks in advance.


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      Peter RönnlundPeter Rönnlund
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      Hicham AlfarradHicham Alfarrad

      Great, it seems like its a minor update. Thank you Peter!

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      Martin MiklavcicMartin Miklavcic

      Peter refers to current version: TRA01C19


      Update from TRA01C10 was minor. Speed seems to be more realistic by now (49km/h flat), maybe a little less power consumption on our N1S/2018.

      On the App I discovered a new ‘lock’ icon next to the scooter’s image. Anyone knows about its functionality?

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