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      Registering at MyNIU.org you may have seen the registration “rule” saying:

      Honestly, if your email is hosted at hotmail I suggest choosing another provider… this is a hint 😉 Also, we do not accept one-time email accounts for registration – we’re playing with open cards, no need to hide.

      Well, just got this comment today:

      “This is highly inappropriate! Please let me know what you intention is!”

      That’s legitimate, so let me explain:

      Very simple: Microsoft/Hotmail is constantly blocking mail-server domains of which they think these were used for sending Spam. Theoretically this is a good thing and I totally understand their intention but the way they do that is, erm, mediocre…
      If somebody just spoofs the sender address (which is dead easy) e.g. info@myniu.org for sending their stupid spam then a blocking algorithm should ALSO look into the mail and the SERVER being used – and in all cases my server(s) were blocked by them, they just used the FROM field while the sending mailserver was definitely one from Russia, India, you-name-it…
      On top, the procedure to get out of their banning is a pain in the a** (just did it the 20-somethings time 2 weeks ago…)
      What does this mean for potential MyNIU.org users? Well, you might never get a “Welcome, please confirm your registration” mail, because my server is blocked.
      I can never inform you about planned downtimes or that I’ve been hacked etc.
      I hope you see my point – this fight goes on for years and it seems it’ll never ends.
      Cheers, Axel


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