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Some things are worth mentioning, tough:
  • New accounts will by manually approved by the admins. This is because of the increasing number of spam-accounts and hacking attempts. You will then get a mail telling you the approval (or denial). Please bear with us if approval takes some hours…
  • Because of this manual approval procedure, it is advised not to use the same name in username, name and surname… this is what lame bots do, and we’re pretty sure you’re not a lame bot, aren’t you?
  • That said, if your email is hosted at hotmail I suggest choosing another account – if available… this is a hint 😉 Uhm, why that?! Well read more here.
  • Also, we do not accept one-time email accounts for registration – we’re playing with open cards, no need to hide. There won’t be any spam from us, but we like to be able to get in touch with you… just in case.